Bye-bye sugar high: 19 ways to make Halloween healthy

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Bye-bye sugar high: 19 ways to make Halloween healthy | Mum's Grapevine

The costumes are sorted, the decorations are in place, now all that’s left is the grub. Planning a Halloween feast for tiny terrors doesn’t have to involve mountains of lollies. To prove that healthy Halloween food can still be fun (and frightening) we’ve got bags of ideas to keep the kids’ sugar-high at bay.

Here are 19 delicious ways to make Halloween healthy.

A tart to taunt you

ack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts

Who knew smiling faces could be so scary? These ricotta and olive tarts are a tasty addition to the Halloween table.

Lean, green, scaring machine

easy Frankenstein smoothie

Fun food is as easy as drawing faces on a jar. Start Halloween as you mean to go one with a Frankenstein smoothie for the whole fam.

Frightful fruit

Frightful fruit kebabs

Fruit never looked so frightening. Arm yourself with a piping bag and have the sticks at the ready. Fruit kebabs are sure to be a hit.

Healthy horrors

Halloween roasted vegetables

Witches hats, pumpkins and ghosts galore! Brighten up the boo-bonanza with a plate of Halloween roasted veggies.

No need to carve

Cheesy Halloween roll ups

Don’t waste time carving pumpkins this year, make mini ones from cheese and bread instead. A top (and tasty!) idea for little ones to nibble on.

I’m watching you…

No-bake monster pizza - perfect for Halloween

Give greedy gremlins the eyes with a seriously scrummy no-bake monster pizza.


Rattle breadsticks

Make the minis squirm with slithering bread snakes complete with fiery tongues. Dot them around the table for decoration too.

Holy guacamole

Guacamole bats, and easy and healthy snack for Halloween

There’s no denying that kiddos love avocado. Transform the good stuff into boo-worthy bats with a few strategically placed tortilla chips.

Spooky Halloween roll-ups

Fork and Beans Creepy Eyeballs

Freeze, Frankenstein

Kiwi pops for Halloween treats

Frankenstein rears his ugly head again. This time it’s in the form of these refreshing frozen kiwi pops. What a treat!

An artful appetiser

tortilla bats with tomato salsa

Get creative with a cookie cutter and transform tortillas into bats of the night. It’s one way to make your spooky salsa dip the highlight of Halloween.

Pint-sized pumpkins

Carrot pumpkins and black cats for the lunch box on Halloween

No, your eyes do not deceive you. These precious little pumpkins are the result of a clever cutting hack with a carrot. A great way to sneak extra veggies into the kid’s lunchbox this Halloween.

Breakfast with a boo!

Scary smoothie bowls are a healthy alternative for Halloween

Up at ante at breakfast on Halloween and add spooky smoothie bowls to the menu. It’s one way to really wake up the sleeping zombies.

A monster mouthful

Monster cupcakes - a healthy alternative for Halloween

Vegan, gluten-free and naturally coloured. These creepy cupcake monsters are the perfect combination of spooky and sweet.

Eggs for eyes

Scary devilled eggs with olives and avocado

It’s no buffet without devilled eggs showing face. Put a healthy Halloween spin on the classic recipe with avocado, capsicum and olives.

Pest on pizza

Spider pizzas with olives

Topping tiny pizzas with spiders is a surefire way to scare the young ones. Slice black olives in half for the bodies and into strips for those creepy crawly legs.

Sweeping snacks

carrot and capsicum broomsticks, a fun and healthy idea for Halloween

Witches Broomsticks often make an appearance at the Halloween table but these guys are different to any we’ve seen before. Pretzels and cheese are replaced with carrot sticks and pepper broom heads. Genius!

Eye balls

Halloween apricot and coconut bliss balls

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Moorish apricot and coconut bliss balls are rolled in coloured desiccated coconut (thanks, turmeric!) with one last addition of googly eyes. Healthy, tick. Halloween, tick.

Blood for breakfast

Bat blood smoothie, Halloween drink for kids

Beetroot, raspberries and banana give this bat blood smoothie the perfect colour for vampires to slurp.

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