How to change a wriggly baby

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How to change a wriggly baby | Mum's Grapevine

It’s all fun and games until they are on the move. And then something as simple as changing a nappy or putting pants on becomes mission impossible.

Nappy changes are fraught with danger regardless of age, from those newborn poo explosions to toddlers “helping” with the process. Keeping little wriggle worms still for a total of five seconds seems simple in theory but really requires strategy and planning.

To lend a hand, we’ve put together our top tips to help nappy change a wriggly baby.

1. The art of distraction

Giving your baby a toy while you change their nappy may help keep them still a little longer


It may seem obvious, but try giving your tot something to play with while you are changing them. Perhaps a toy that they don’t see very often or something with lights up or plays a sound to keep them occupied. Mix it up and don’t always use the same item – the novelty factor will engage them.

Play station

Pop your little rascal under their play gym so they can look up at it and interact with the toys without moving too far.

Light show

Many baby monitors have light shows that will project patterns and shapes onto the wall or ceiling. This may distract your wriggle monster just long enough to get the job done.

Dress up

Put on a pair of sunglasses or a hat while changing them. The novelty will delight them and while they are watching you, you can get down to business.


Short of getting the Wiggles to perform at every nappy change, try singing their favourite song and asking them to sing or clap along too.

Hang in there

Hang something on the wall above the change table. Ideally, something that moves or makes a sound, like a bell, that keeps little worms intrigued.

2. Stick ’em

Mini stickers by Meri Meri make a great distraction during nappy change

Another distraction technique is sticking mini stickers to your mini-me’s hands. It’s a nifty way of keeping them preoccupied rather than using toys they play with every day. Suddenly their own hands are visually stimulating. Tactile, easy and brilliant!

3. Avoid the floor

Avoid changing a baby on the floor as it may make them more likely to wriggle around

The more space and freedom to roam, the more room for movement. Being on “ground level” is a safe choice so if the floor is your best option, try to pick a confined space like in a corner rather than the middle of a large room.

4. Standing room only

Try changing your baby standing up. It will prevent them from moving around so much

Why not change up the position? Try changing your little one vertically instead of horizontally. For additional diversion, stand them in front of a mirror for added amusement. It’s likely to be a bit more challenging with a number two, so make sure they are standing on a wipe proof mat.

5. Change in scenery

Change your babies nappy in a different room to keep them distracted

Try changing your wriggly baby in a different room – there might be different things to look at. And it could be just long enough for you to whip off that nappy and pop a clean one on. Better be quick!


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