Product Recall: Bedtime Sleeper Bassinet

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Bedside sleeper recall

CNP Brands
Childcare Snuggle Time Bedside Sleeper

Model number: 036310-356
Design: Storm Cloud
Barcode number: 9314824024786

The CNP Brands is recalling their Childcare Snuggle Time Bedside Sleeper with drop side amid concerns it could cause babies to roll while sleeping.

Where was the product sold: Baby Bunting nationally between 1 May 2017 – 1 September 2018.

Defect: The Childcare Snuggle Time Bedside Sleeper mattress base may lean very slightly left to right, towards the drop down side (the co-sleeper function side of the product). The incline can may cause the infant to roll if the unit is not set up correctly, placed on an unlevel surface or have a manufactured variation of 1.5 degrees. Health recommendations are for infants to sleep on their backs. There haven’t been any reports of injuries.

The fault occurs if:

  • The unit has not been set up correctly
  • The unit is placed on an unlevelled surface
  • The unit may have a minor manufacturing variation of 1.5 degrees.

The slight inclination of impacted units may aid infants to roll. Not all units are impacted. Consumers can use the below steps to check if their sleeper is impacted:

  1.  Ensure the Bedside Sleeper is on an even and level floor
  2. Remove the mattress from the bedside sleeper
  3. Remove the base board and mattress from the mattress cover
  4. Place the base board back to the position inside the sleeper where the mattress would usually lie
  5. Place a round object (e.g. a pen, a small ball) in the middle of the base board and observe whether it rolls freely to one side. Alternatively, use a spirit level if you have one

Hazard: The risk of an infant rolling while in the bassinet.

What to do: Consumers should test their unit (as explained above) and if the unit is not level, contact the distributor for a replacement mattress cover, which can be placed over the existing mattress of the product to ensure that any impacted units lay flat as intended.

Contact details: Consumers can contact the distributor by phoning 1800 656 743.

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