9 pregnancy announcements siblings can do

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Sibling pregnancy announcements: 9 awesome ideas to inspire you | Mum's Grapevine

There’s nothing quite like announcing your pregnancy to the world. And whether you have one, two, three or more kiddos, the delight on the faces of family and friends remains priceless. Make that moment extra special by including the siblings in your surprise.

Here are 9 sibling pregnancy announcements to tell the world you’re pregnant.

A new act

Funny family pregnancy announcement including other children

Complete your circus line-up and announce the new star with a touch of creative flair. (via Joanna Luehmann)

Outnumber the oldies

We're going to outnumber our parents, pregnancy announcement idea

It’s time for the tiny people to take over! Let the little ones do all the hard work, just like super-sweet sibling announcement. (via Little Miss Kate)

Adding to the flock

Ducks in a row pregnancy announcement with three siblings

Three is about to come four. And this flock and it couldn’t look any cuter! (via Charlotte Chatman).

Making movies

Movie poster pregnancy announcement idea

Coming soon to a hospital room near you. Make fun of your new family dynamics with a make-shift movie poster for your pregnancy announcement. (via Jillian Farnsworth)

Stairway to siblings

Sisters pregnancy announcement on stairs

Old, older, eldest. Move the sisters up a step and make way for another sibling! (via Live and Learn)

No more… promise

Sibling pregnancy announcement with chalkboard

Are you sure? Really, really? Even the kiddies don’t look convinced. We love the sarcasm of this brother and sister announcement. (via Megan Larkin)

Five in the bed

Fun family pregnancy announement

There were five in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over. Break the good news with a snapshot of the fun (and chaos!) of family life. (via Vibrant Imagery)

It’s a tie-breaker

Brother and sister pregnancy announcement with letter board

The odds are 50/50. Waiting to find out the baby’s sex? Tease the family with a tie-breaker letter board. (via Amber Enos)

Room for one more?

Family pregnancy announcement for baby number four

You carry the sign and I’ll carry the kids! Just remember, next time it won’t be this easy… (via Pinterest)

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