The best 18 maternity pillows for 2019

best maternity pillows

Best maternity pillows for Australian mums.

Ahhh sleep. Like so many mums, you probably never gave it a second thought before falling pregnant. But now, there’s a baby-sized bump in the road stopping you from reaching ‘destination dreamland’. If a good night’s sleep feels like something of a distant memory we’re here to help. We’ve hunted down the best maternity pillows that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

We asked our Facebook group members to recommend the best maternity pillows they used and these are the brands they recommend.

Snuggle a Snoogle

Snoggle body pregnancy pillow

Snoogle Chic Full Body Pregnancy Support Pillow ($155): The Snoogle has rave reviews thanks to its full body support, easy-clean cover and optimum firmness. If you like your pillows not too hard but not too soft, this one is a winner.

“I have a Snoogle which is amazing! I wake up not wanting to get out of bed and leave my pillow behind” – Kirsty S

Ultimate sleep, ultimate Z’s

Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow

Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow ($299): The full body U-shaped pillow has been designed to support the entire body. And unlike other pillows, this one can be added to your laundry. It keeps its shape and volume even after frequent washing and usage – a new Mumma must!

Do the double

Mamaway Moon Maternity Pillow

Mamaway Breastfeeding and Support Pillow ($149.95): You get real bang for your buck with this guy. The award-winning nursing pillow moulds to your body to give ultimate support and comfort – hello winning combo!

Bean a long time coming

Belly Bean maternity pillow

Belly Bean Maternity Pillow ($72): Made in Australia, the Belly Bean may be small in size but is BIG in benefits. Designed to keep growing bumps comfortable while supporting hips and back, it’s a favourite for mumma bears wanting minimal disturbance for baby daddy too.

“Love the Belly Bean. I’ve used it for both my previous pregnancies and used it while breastfeeding as a nursing pillow” – Kirsty H

Surround sound

Maternity Pillow with all round body support

Boyfriend Pillow ($124.95): This maternity pillow from the makers of the Boyfriend Pillow offers 360 degrees of complete cloud-like body comfort. And when the baby arrives, simply alter the position and becomes your feeding best friend day and night.

“I love my pillow. It’s great because I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore but it helps me get close enough while still sleeping on my side.” – Kate M

Customised comfort

Boppy Total Body Pillow

Boppy Total Body Pillow ($169.95): Is your neck giving you grief one night then your back and bump the next? The Boppy is the answer. Its clever design consists of three separate velcro pieces, allowing you to customise the pillow’s shape to suit your nightly needs.

I ended up buying a Boppy and found it perfect. Definitely recommend packing it in your hospital bag” – Amy C

Lean on me

Target wedge maternity pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Sleeping Wedge ($15): The Sleeping Wedge is ideal for anyone not wanting a full-length body pillow. The wedge gives support wherever you need it most – tummy, legs or hips, leaving your growing bump happy and your bank account too!

Float like a butterfly


Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow ($120): A light and compact pillow for pregnancy snoozing on-the-go, the Butterfly gives support where it’s needed. Australian made, the wings make sure your back, bump, knees and hips are in a good position for restful sleep.

“Perfect support without taking up to much room”  – Lisa G

A firm flip

Jill and Joey Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Jill and Joey Pregnancy Wedge ($53.36): Just a whisper of the words memory foam and we feel like we’ve been given a giant cuddle. Well, imagine resting your precious baby bump, back or knees against a pillow made of the stuff.  This clever wedge is said to soothe pelvic pain and help sleeping with its dual-support design. Flip one side for firm and the other for soft.

Straight to sleep

Tummy Snuggler Maternity Pillow

Tummy Snuggler ($89): Your growing bump may be the most visible issue affecting your sleep, but bad posture (thanks pregnancy!) can also cause back and neck pain. The award-winning Tummy Snuggler cushions your bump while keeping your back nice and aligned through the night.

Mum’s the word

Inspired Mother Maternity Pillow

Inspired Mother Maternity Pillow ($80.59): No frills, no fuss. This maternity pillow means business. Designed and inspired by Australian mums, it’s generous in length and made from 100% cotton, so you can keep your cool and adjust the shape and cushioning to where you need it most.

A lucky number

Lucky 7 Maternity Pillow

Lucky 7 Body Pillow ($89): The 7-shaped pregnancy pillow encourages a comfortable side sleeping position while providing the ultimate resting place for your head and neck. Bye-bye backache!

“It’s the perfect shape for under head and between legs at the same time. It’s also amazing for breastfeeding” – Nicole M

Slumber on the side

Side Sleeper Pro maternity pillow

Side Sleep Pillow ($34.95): Designed to make adjusting to side sleeping easier and more comfortable by aligning your neck and back, we love the Side Sleep Pillow. There’s even a cozy little nook for your ear!

Comfort and cuddles

CuddleUp pregnancy support pillow

CuddleUp Body Pillow ($99): Cocooning around you like a lovely hug, the CuddleUp follows the natural contour and shape of your body. It supports the abdomen and back, is great for relieving painful pressure points and elevates the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet to reduce swelling.

Cradle, baby cradle

Cradletight maternity Pillow

Cradletight Maternity Pillow ($69.95): Designed and made in Australia the Cradletight is an all-in-one wonder. It works to give you optimum comfort and support when you need it most.

“I love my Cradletight pillow as I can wrap my legs around it”  Melody H

Foam for you

Clark Care Pregnancy Support Pillow

Clark Care Pregnancy Support Pillow ($99.95): With washable covers and high-quality Dunlop foam inserts the Clark Care pillow ticks all the functional boxes. Its wrap-around shape and wedge-like design mean your comfort is taken care of too. Win-win!

Your dream Genie

Dreamgenii pregnancy and feeding pillow

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow ($69.95): The Dreamgenii is as clever as it is compact. It supports your bump, back and knees all while you (attempt to!) sleep. It also doubles up as a feeding pillow once bub has arrived

A natural nights’ sleep

Tetra organic body and pregnancy pillow

Tetra Organic Pregnancy Pillow ($169.95): Using only natural tea tree flakes as a filling, the Tetra pillow is completely chemical-free. Shift and shape the filling to where you need the support most and enjoy your deepest slumber yet.

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