Q&A: What’s with all the blood noses?

Constantly blowing your snoz only to find you’ve got another nose bleed? Welcome to another strange but common pregnancy symptom.

Weird question, but is anyone else suffering badly from blood noses? 12+2 and I’m getting them really bad at the moment. It’s only 11:30am and I’m on my fourth for the day. I’ve never really gotten them before so just a bit concerned.


It’s really common for mums-to-be to get blood noses, so you’re in good company. But midwife Andrea Fallon says it’s worth getting to your doctor if you also have some other symptoms.

“Nosebleeds are relatively common in pregnancy with around 20 per cent of pregnant women experiencing them. This is due to pregnancy hormones causing blood vessels to dilate (open) while increased blood supply puts pressure on the veins in the nose. The lining of the nose may also swell and dry out, making it more prone to bleeds.

“If the nose bleeds are occurring regularly or you are also experiencing blurred vision, headaches or extreme swelling it is worth visiting your doctor for a check-up. If nosebleeds are heavy and won’t stop despite pressure being applied for 20 minutes, blood is coming out of your mouth or you are vomiting due to swallowing blood you should seek urgent help at your nearest emergency department.”

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