Q&A: What’s the deal with all the drooling during pregnancy?

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From the strange but true files comes one of the ickiest pregnancy symptoms – excess saliva. A little embarrassing and a whole lot annoying, it tends to go hand in hand with morning sickness and heartburn.

Excess saliva, which is also known as ptyalism gravidarum can feel like your whole mouth is filling up with saliva and it makes nausea kick up a gear. Hello pregnancy hormones, you strike again. Like most first-trimester pregnancy symptoms, this too shall pass, but it can be pretty gross while it lasts.

There’s not a lot you can do about excess saliva during pregnancy, and some experts actually believe it’s the body’s way of helping calm the effects of stomach acid on your teeth and throat from morning sickness. You can try chewing gum, brushing your teeth and keeping a hanky close by for wiping your mouth.

Also make sure you keep up your water intake, to replace the liquid that’s going out of your body.

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Source: What To Expect, Babypedia

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