Gift Guide: Best gift ideas for five year olds

Five-year-olds are on the cusp of a milestone: the transition from a pre-schooler to a fully fledged school-aged child! Even if they’re not quite starting school yet, they’ll be building a lot of school-ready skills, like writing letters and doing lots of cutting, pasting and creating. Art, craft and science kits really come into their own at this age.

With a stronger desire to follow rules comes greater enjoyment in sports and activities, so sporting equipment is a great buy. Plus, don’t forget all the school accessories: bags, bottles and lunch items in their favourite colours and themes.

Here are our top picks of gifts for five-year-olds.

  • Make-Believe Play
  • Making Close Friends
  • Recognising Letters
  • Acting, Singing, Making Up ‘Concerts’
  • Telling Jokes
  • Dressing Themselves
  • Becoming Independent
  • Transitioning To School

  • LEGO
  • 50+ Piece Puzzles
  • Figurines
  • Flower Press
  • Worm Farm
  • Sports Equipment
  • Scient Kits
  • Lunch Boxes

Mini Masterchef

Le Petit Chef, children's knife set by Opinel

Children’s Knife Set ($55): Armed with all the tools they need to (safely) help you in the kitchen, there’ll be no stopping your five-year-old with the Le Petit Chef. Engineered to keep fingers tucked out of harm’s way, this is the kit all mini Masterchefs need.

Fancy faces

Pure Poppet Fairy Face Paint Pack

Natural face paints  ($19.95): Add colour (and a sprinkling of magic) to any day with natural face paints and play makeup that transforms kiddos into characters and then easily washes off. Made from natural, non-toxic ingredients (and love) there’s no need to worry about any nasties on their skin.

A whole new world

SunnyLife Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopes ($24.95): Hold another world at the tip of your fingers with these adorable kaleidoscopes. Chose from under the sea or a whimsy wonderland for your kiddo to explore.

Just keep swimming

Mermaid Swimming Cap ($16.95): Keeping those lush locks watertight while taking a dip has never looked more adorable. Mermaid + swimming cap = no fuss pool hair care.

Let’s explore!

Moulin Roty, mini explorer case

Explorer Case ($109.95): Oh, the places you’ll go. Grab the binoculars, set the compass and fill up your flask – It’s the perfect case for a mini explorer.

Take the sun with you

Little Sun solar light

Little Sun Solar Light ($39.95): A beautiful light with a beautiful story. For every Little Sun sold another is given to communities in off-grid areas. What a lovely story to tell while shining light over their favourite books at bedtime.

Biggest blocks

KickBrick, lightweight blocks

KickBrick ($109): Ideal for fearless five-year-olds. Build it, kick it, throw it, catch it. KickBricks are soft and lightweight, allowing budding builders to construct with confidence.

Hammer time

Haba Tack Zap Set

Tack Zap Set ($74.95): Create a different picture every time. Youngsters will love tapping and hammering the wooden pieces into place before revealing their final masterpiece to mum and dad.


History makers

Awesome Women Paper Dolls Book ($9.99): A beautifully creative way to teach kids about the amazing women who have shaped the world we live in.

A cool cover-up

We Roam long sleeve rashie

Long Sleeve Rashie ($59): Soak up the glorious sunshine in this dreamy collection. Featuring modern prints and long sleeves for the ultimate protection, these rash guards are the coolest way to take cover.


Pack and go

Play'N Pack, Olli Ella

Play’N Pack ($49.95): Long journeys can be challenging with five-year-olds in tow. This clever backpack is brimming with ways to keep kids entertained while on the road. It’s the one bag you’ll never want to forget.


Insect inspector

Haba magnifying carousel

Magnifying Carousel ($33.95): Take a closer look at creepy crawlies with a rotating magnifying glass and small insect containers. An ideal gift for small scientists and nature observers.

Let the games begin

SunnyLife Beach Bats

Beach Bats ($34.95): The only set you need to make beach days and backyard games a hit.

Dinos take over

Dinosaur Playscape Backpack, Animal Planet

Dinosaur Playscape Backpack ($44.37): The ultimate pack for kids who dig dinosaurs. Stash your figurines in the back and you’re ready to play once you reach your destination. Simply open the folds to reveal a different world.

Wooden wheelbarrow wonder

Sustainable Wooden Wheelbarrow

Wooden Wheelbarrow ($199): This gem comes flat packed and so kiddos can construct it themselves before getting to work lugging their toys all over the house!

A friendly (aqua) farm

Water Garden

Water Garden Aqua Farm ($174.99): A fish friend and a water garden in one, kids will delight in learning how their pet is helping their little garden grow.

Build, beautifully

Earth Tiles

Earth Tiles ($129): Connect and build. The classic magnetic tiles encourage creative play and construction with 32 stunning pieces of birch cut to squares and triangles.

Packed for prep

Personalised school lunch bags, Spatz

Personalised Lunch Bag (from $21.95): A grown-up bag for big kids. Personalise with your little one’s name and get them geared up for a big day at school.

Washi tape wonder

Kipod Wooden Washi Tape Projector

Wooden Projector ($55): Get the kids to draw onto a slide, project it onto the wall then use the washi tape to make a decal masterpiece on the wall (that can easily be removed).

Perfectly balanced

Balance Bike ($169.95): Up, up and away with an uber cool, retro superhero balance bike that ditches the training wheels for little easy riders.

Construction fun

Squigz construction pieces

Squigz construction pieces ($89.99): Use them in the bath, use them on the table, use them under the table – these flexible construction pieces stick to each other and everything else using suction.

Learning lift off!

Space Book & Puzzle ($24.95): Learn and play simultaneously with an out-of-this-world boxset. An educational book teaches kiddies all about outer space while the accompanying puzzle helps them to identify the planets.

For play on the go

teebee toypod for cars and planes

TeeBee Toy Box ($49.95): A unique transportable, compact toy box that can double as a lunchbox. The wedge-shaped design is great for seated play and when open the lids transform into a lap tray perfect for playing or drawing. Too clever!

Out-of-this-world ice cream

Astronaut Ice Cream ($10): A delightfully tricky snack that real astronauts indulge in for dessert – freeze dried ice cream! A crunchy texture that melts in the mouth kiddos will have their little minds blown!


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