Sleeping cool: 20 perfect pyjamas for summer

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As the warmer nights draw in, the hunt for summer pyjamas begins. Shorter sleeves, lighter fabric and breathability are a must – think short and tee combos, nighties and lightweight onesies. They’re super comfy and will help kiddos keep cool as the summer heat rises.

Here are our favourite kids pyjamas for summer

A colour combo

Snugglebum summer pyjamas for kids

Snugglebum Shortjohns ($42.95): The yellow of the sun and the blue of the sky come together in these too-cute combos, just in time for summer.

Thunderbolts and lightning

Bonds summer pyjamas for kids

Bonds Short-Sleeve Sleep Set ($29.95): Dress your little dreamer to match the shimmering night sky in this vivid Cosmo collection.

Fish are friends

Peter Alexander Nemo summer PJ's

Peter Alexander Nemo & Dory PJ Set ($59.95): Just keep swimming – An adorable set for boys and girls, when they eventually run out of steam.

Wild and free

Cotton On Kids pyjamas for summer

Cotton On Short Sleeve PJ Set ($24.99): A wonderful set for whimsy nighttime adventures, featuring playful prints Llama Love and Wild.

Top to bottom

Papinelle boxer pyjama sets for summer

Papinelle Top & Boxer Set ($49.95): Made from a divine blend of cotton and silk, these sweet sleep sets are just as gorgeous as their names; Cherry Blossom, Swan Blue, and Pixie Peach Flutter.

Just sayin’

Four in the Bed summer PJ sets for boys

Four in the Bed Summer PJ Sets ($44.95): Young boys will look cool as a cucumber in these punny tees, but which one will he be? Bed Bug or  Jim at Sea?

Flora and fauna

Wilson & Frenchy pyjamas for summer

Wilson & Frenchy Short Sleeve Pyjama Sets ($29.95): Made from 100% organic cotton, these tropical sets are a fabulous fit and they’re super comfy too – just what you need during those muggy summer nights.

Disney dreaming

H&M kids summer PJ's

H&M 2-Pack All-In-One Summer Pyjamas ($24.99): With the friendly faces of Mickey Mouse, The Aristocats and Winnie the Pooh tickling their tummies, wearing these sets will be like cuddling the characters all night long.

Birds at bedtime

Country Road kids summer Pyjamas

Country Road Summer Pyjamas ($54.95): For kiddies who rise and shine with the birds in the morning, now they can fall asleep with them too!

Nature’s finest

Nature Baby summer PJs

Nature Baby Cotton Rib Pyjama Sets ($44.95): Time to toddle off to bed covered in cuteness. Made from 100% organic cotton and speckled with pretty prints, we kinda wish there was a size for mum too!

Short and sweet

Four in the Bed summer nighties

Four in the Bed Summer Nighties ($39.95): Nighties to help them fall asleep dreaming of the jungle and ice creams – sounds pretty good to us.

Cost-savvy sets

Target summer pyjamas for kids

Target Summer Pyjama Sets (from $12): Are your kids too cool to sleep? Or just too cool full-stop? Either way, these PJ sets with cool blue hues will help keep the soaring summer heat at bay.

Sunflower shortie

G. Nancy summer shortjohns

G.Nancy Sunflower Shortie PJ Sets ($59): Summer is here! And what better way to celebrate than dressing head to toe in sunflowers. We’re smitten for this stunning hand-drawn print. Available in Rose, Papaya, White, and Ochre

Mini motifs

Huckleberry Lane summer PJ sets

Huckleberry Lane Summer Pyjamas ($45.95): Perfect for a good nights sleep and early morning play. The Dog PJ’s and Kite PJ’s have a soft elastic waistband to keep them nice and snug all night.

Keeping it cool

Marquise summer PJ sets for boys and girls

Marquise Summer Pyjamas ($29.95): Comfy, cosy and cool enough for weekend lounging. These summer pyjamas tick all the right boxes.

Tiny tropics

ErgoPouch summer sleepsuit

ErgoPouch Short Sleeve Sleepwear ($26.95): Waves, drops and rainforest leaves make up this gorgeous summer collection for sleepy bubs. Made from super soft and breathable bamboo, they’re a staple piece for bub’s summer wardrobe.

Sleepover essentials

Kids summer pyjamas, Seed Heritage

Seed Heritage Summer Pyjamas ($34.95): Available in size 2 up to size 10, these fun pyjama sets will see kiddos through summer nights at nannas and weekend sleepovers with friends.

Natural nightie

G.Nancy summer nighties

G.Nancy Sunflower Nightie ($45): Shorts and tee sets aren’t for everyone. The organic cotton jersey nightie is soft and stretchy, providing young ones with the comfort they need to sleep soundly in summer.

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