Parenting hack: How to organise baby clothes for the weather

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Parenting hack: How to organise baby clothes | Mum's Grapevine

So many cute baby clothes, so clueless about how to organise them – until now. We’ve got a super cheap way to get those teeny, tiny baby outfits sorted into weather appropriate sections, and it’s a cinch to do.

Mum’s Grapevine Groups member Tori shared her genius tip on how to organise baby clothes with other mums struggling to get bub’s wardrobe shipshape.

“I’ve used the coloured play links to put bubs clothes in order of the weather,” she said. “It’s helped my partner out heaps too and we are finally starting to use a variety of clothes and not waste them.”

how to organise baby clothes using coloured links on hangers

It’s as simple as popping the different coloured links between the clothes you want to separate on the rod. Easy.

Tori says they use a dark colour like red for warm onesies and clothes and then go lighter in colour as the clothes become more appropriate for warmer weather.

Baby teether links for organising baby clothes

Just grab a set of links ($14.95) and you’re on your way!

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