10 things to look forward to in your third trimester

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third trimester

This is it, baby! Your third trimester is the home stretch of your pregnancy and each day you are closer and closer to meeting your precious bundle of joy.

Much of the first two trimesters is planning and prepping but your third trimester is when it all comes together. Everything becomes very real as you enjoy some key milestones and events before your beautiful bub makes their grand entrance.

Here are 11 things to look forward to as you approach your third trimester.

Baby movements

advice first-time parents need to know

It may have started as an innocuous flutter but by the third trimester, there is no mistaking your baby’s movements. Backflips, somersaults and kicks are all coming your way and you will likely be able to share these with your partner and loved ones as they become more pronounced.

Baby shower

Baby shower

Prepare to be showered with love as friends and family come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your babe. Enjoy sipping mummy mocktails, eating sweet treats and sharing a laugh playing baby shower games with your nearest and dearest.

Maternity leave

maternity leave

Things start to feel very real when you officially start maternity leave. Many mums take leave somewhere between 34-38 weeks but there are no hard and fast rules. You do what is best for you, remembering to give yourself enough time to rest and prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Finishing touches

Step-by-step guide: How to plan a nursery | Mum's Grapevine

Creating a beautiful nursery is key. It’s the space where you will spend most of those first few weeks (and months) soaking up your newborn. Planning your nursery earlier in your pregnancy means that during your third trimester the baby’s room will really come to life. Think artwork on the walls, mobile above the cot, books on the shelf – your nursery dreams will soon become a reality.


Helping pregnant woman lift boxes

You’re likely to have ordered the big-ticket items well before your third trimester but many special purchases such as your pram, cot and feeding chair take weeks to be dispatched. The third trimester is when all your goodies turn up on the doorstep! Hello Christmas!

Date nights

date night

Take this opportunity pre-baby to spend some quality time with your partner. Do things that will be a little more challenging with a bub-in-tow, like going to the movies, having an extended dinner or even lighting some candles and taking a super-long soak in the bath.

Pregnancy pampering

pregnancy pampering massage

Treat yourself. Whether it be an express pedi or an hour-long rub-down. Book in for a pregnancy massage and your heavily pregnant body will thank you for it. A specialist pregnancy massage will ease tension and pain, plus give you a quiet moment of much-needed relaxation. By the third trimester bending down to tie up your shoelace is challenging enough let alone painting your toenails.

Pre-natal classes

Pregnant mummas taking a pregnancy Birthing class

Another step towards the “This is really happening” moment is your prenatal classes. These informative sessions can give you a clear idea of what to expect during labour and birth, and the first few weeks at home with your baby. There is a range of classes out there so be sure to check in with your health care providers and find the best class for you.

Put your feet up

Mother reading a book

Literally. Rest those poor feet and take every opportunity to relax. We know it can get repetitive hearing “sleep now before the baby comes” but even just some quiet time out with a good book and a HOT cuppa may all the difference.

Meeting your baby

'Golden Hour' first 60 minutes after birth

And finally, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. The whole nine months has been leading up to this life-changing, heart exploding moment. The last few weeks of your third trimester may seem to go on forever but rest assured, it’s worth that wait!

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