TIP: No-Cry Solution For Babies Who Refuse To Take A Bottle

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Tip for babies who refuse the bottle | Mum's Grapevine

Here’s a smart, cheap solution for babies who won’t take a bottle.

Lots of Mum’s Grapevine Group Members heading back to work were finding their little ones wouldn’t take the bottle, even after trying to gently transition from exclusively breastfeeding. But fellow member Kate Hanley came through with the goods, after discovering a cheeky little way to get her daughter drinking milk.

She simply used a shot glass to give milk to her ‘unweanable’ baby.

Shot glass milk trick for baby

“No bottles or cups were working. (After using a shot glass) she SMASHED the milk and wanted more! I can now send my girl to childcare and know she won’t starve,” Kate explained.

While Kate is breathing a sigh of relief she is having a little giggle at the thought of sending her bub to daycare with plastic shot glasses in her bag!

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