18 funny Valentine’s Day cards for the one you love

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18 funny Valentine's Day cards guaranteed to make you giggle | Mum's Grapevine

Saying ‘I love you’ to your significant other is one thing, but saying it with a funny Valentine’s Day card is the bestest (and funniest) way to step up your game come February 14th.

For those who like to laugh or tease your loved ones just a little, we’ve found a heap of hilarious Valentine’s Day cards just for you.


Pillow talk

Funny Valentine's Day Card by Card Cabal

Pillow Talk ($5): Tick the boxes that apply. We promise we won’t tell.

Climb mountains

I'd Climb Mountains Valentine's Day Card by Post Love Designs

Climb Mountains ($5.50): I would climb mountains for you. Sort of.

Must be love

Winning Monopoly Valentine's Day Card by Kit Cronk Studio

Must Be Love ($6.05): For the competitive one in the relationship, this one’s a winner.


Big Spoon Award Valentine's Day Card by Word Finders Club

Best Big Spoon Award ($5): A badge they can wear with pride!

Better than coffee

Funny Valentine's Day Card by Able & Game

Better Than Melbourne Coffee ($6): And that says A LOT.

Hot pizza…

Funny Pizza Valentine's Day Card by Pye Prints

Hot Pizza Ass ($3.79): A punny Valentine’s card for pizza lovers.

Backstreets back

Backstreet Boys Valentine's Day Cards by Meet Me In Shermer

Backstreet Boys You Are My Fire ($5.50): Nothing says true love like a 90’s boy band and their flawless facial hair.

My heart burns

Mr Burns Valentine's Day Card by Well Drawn Cards

My Heart Burns For You ($6.95): Say it Simpsons-style.

Hotline bling

Funny Drake Valentine's Day Card by Greet Yoself

Drake Hotline Bling ($6): Haven’t pulled out the Hotline Bling moves yet? It’s the latest way to show your love. FACT.

I love you with…

Funny Valentine's Day Card by Jessie King Design

I Love You With… ($5): Honesty is the best policy in relationships, even when talking about the size of your…love.

Snagged ya

Funny Valentine's Day Card from Design by CatAU

I Snagged You ($6.95): An Aussie twist on romance, what could be better?

Please don’t leave me

Hilarious Valentine's Day Card by Beccy Kitty Designs

Please Don’t Leave Me ($4.99): We all have our flaws, but loving each other despite all that (an acknowledging it!), is pretty special.

Heart breaker

Don't Go Bacon My Heart Valentine's Day Card by Milk & Cookies

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart ($6.50): When the way to their heart is through their stomach, say it with bacon.

Take my breath away

Take My Breath Away Valentine's Day Card by Lochness Studio

Take My Breath Away ($5.50): Romance meets chemistry – one for the nerd burgers out there.

Donuts for days

Donut Valentine's Day Card by WNK The Shop

Donut Know What I Would Do ($6): The perfect Valentine’s Day card for when you love someone a hole lot.

Popping truths

Funny Valentine's Day Card by Beccy Kitty Designs

The Way I Eat Popcorn ($4.99): It ain’t a pretty picture. Must be love!

The definition of love

Funny Valentine's Day Card by Lochness Studio

The Definition of Love ($5.50): This may settle a few arguments in your household. Just sayin’.

Fancy a pash?

Wanna Pash? Valentine's Day Card by Milk & Cookies

Wanna Pash? ($6.50): Go on, you know you want to!

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