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19 non-sandwich lunch box ideas for going back to school | Mum's Grapevine

When the kids head back to school it means we head back to prepping school lunches (sigh). To kick-start your kitchen creativity we’re saying bon voyage to bread with our favourite non-sandwich lunch box ideas. From easy family favourites to leftover transformations, add these recipes to your repertoire and an empty lunch box will be coming home every day.

Here are 19 more sandwich-free lunch ideas for your mini munchkin.

Mac & cheese

Mac and Cheese Cups lunchbox Recipe-3-copy

It’s there favourite mac and cheese in a muffin! A genius idea that takes the main meal and makes it lunch box friendly. Combine all ingredients (including a few hidden veggies) and bake in muffin tins until golden brown. (via See Vanessa Craft)

Pizza puffs

Pepperoni pizza puffs for the lunch box

Know a kid who will pass on pizza? Neither do we! Full of all the usual suspects, these pepperoni pizza puffs are simple to make and even easier to eat. Win-win! (via Spend with Pennies)


Kid-friendly meatloaf for the lunch box

Meatloaf may sound old fashioned, but let us assure you that there’s nothing old-school about this lunchtime must! Crammed with four cups of veggies and topped with a mouth-watering glaze, it’s definitely a recipe to keep up your sleeve. (via The Healthy Lunch Box)

Savoury muffins

lunchbox recipe savoury muffins

This batch of epic one bowl savoury muffins is just that – epic. Full of the good stuff, they’re tasty as heck and easy the cleanup is minimal. Jackpot! (via My Lovely Little Lunch box)

Turkey patties

Turkey and apple sausage patties for the lunch box

The traditional pattie gets turned on its head with a kid-friendly take on the classic flavours. Apples, fennel and sage are a winning combination that will keep your kiddo coming back for more, (via The Real Food RDS)

Corn fritters

zucchini fritters lunchbox recipe

Corn and zucchini fritters are great for school lunches and work well as an adult lunch too! Prep a big batch the night before and the whole fam will enjoy the feed. (via My Lovely Little Lunchbox)

Fish cakes

Potato, corn and tuna patties

Tuna Patties can be munched on with one hand making them an ideal lunch for littlies. With celery, carrots and corn all in the mix, they help tick off their five-a-day too! (via Taste)

Hand pies

Lunch box taco hand pies

Pies aren’t just for parties. Tasty taco hand pies are a clever way of using up leftovers from the night before. Take your Mexican mix, top with cheese and bake in the pastry shell until golden and delicious. The rugrats will love them! (via Lemons for Lulu)


Salmon and cream cheese pinwheels

Ok, so we cheated on the bread front here a little, but these salmon and cream cheese pinwheels are just too pretty! Using wraps rather than slices of bread, fill with their favourites then simply roll and slice. (via My Fussy Eater)

Savoury waffles

Savoury waffles for the school lunch box

Bye bye breakfast, we’re taking the waffles to lunch! Savoury waffles are a fabulous (and fun) way to sneak extra veggies into the kiddies lunch box. Made from grated carrot and sweet potato, they take little time to cook and can be topped with a whole smorgasbord of extras. (via Healthy Little Foodie)

Mini quiches

Crustless lunch box quiches

A yummy lunch hack that also works well as a power snack to go, these crustless mini quiches are packed with capsicum, ham and mushrooms and they’re gluten-free too! (via Taming Twins)

Sausage rolls

Lunch box sausage rolls
There’s no denying that Little tummies love sausage rolls. What’s great about this family favourite is that you can bake a big batch on the weekend, freeze then defrost as and when you need them. Always a winner. (via Stephanie Alexander)

Bacon & egg cups

Lunch box bacon and egg cups

Who said you can’t have breakfast at school? These bacon and egg cups are a cinch to make and will give mini einsteins a boost of energy to get them through the day, (via Lunch Box Inc)

Pasta salad

Lunch box pesto pasta salad

Pasta Salad done right is delicious. Here, tiny pieces of orecchiette pasta pick up every last drop of the dreamy homemade broccoli pesto. (via Bon Appetit)

Chicken nuggets

Lunch box chicken nuggets

They’re chicken nuggets, just not quite how you know them. A secret snap, crackle and pop ingredient gives little learners a surprise with every mouthful. Yum! (via Annabel Karmel)

Veggie burgers

Lentil burger for the school lunch box

Make the school lunch fun by giving tykes a meal they can construct themselves. These lentil burgers are a cool (and healthy!) addition to the lunch box, simply pack the tomato, lettuce and any other condiments or salad separately. (via Healthy Lunch Box)

Spinach & feta parcels

Lunch box spinach feta triangles

Yum, yum, yum! Whether it be in a pie, in a quiche or in a muffin, spinach and feta is one magical combination. Here, the delicious mixture is packed into puff pastry and folded into triangles so they fit the lunch box just perfectly. (via Taste)

Chicken drumsticks

Easy sticky chicken makes great leftovers for the school lunch box

Finger-lickin’ chicken is a firm family favourite and this super simple recipe can be taken from the dinner table and put straight into their lunch box. Pack alongside rice or a batch of homemade wedges and you’ll soon be pleasing those rumbling tummies. (via Salu Salo)


Lunch box quesadillas and salsa

Cheesy quesadillas and a rainbow salad make for a very pretty lunch. The tortillas are stuffed with ooey gooey cheese and spring onions while the bean salad provides lots of protein for extra brain power! (via Tesco)

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