Planning a babymoon: What you need to know

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Planning a babymoon: what you need to know | Mum's Grapevine

Having a baby is a truly life-changing experience. In the blink of an eye, you have a tiny human to love and look after. While it’s exciting and amazing, some things in life get a lot harder. Finding a moment to yourself is suddenly a struggle, and planning a holiday can feel impossible.

For many expecting mums, a quick trip before the baby arrives is just the ticket. Babymoons are a chance to have that one final holiday before bub arrives (because who knows when the next one will be?) and also enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time before life gets taken over by nappy changes, bath times, baby books and endless washing.

You can enjoy a babymoon on your own, with your besties, or with your partner. But it’s important to plan ahead to ensure you get the most out of your holiday and stay safe while doing it. Here’s what you need to know about planning a babymoon.

Before you book

Planning a babymoon and how to budget for your trip

Check with your doctor

Travelling during a healthy pregnancy generally shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s always a good idea to chat through your travel plans with your doctor first. They can also advise you about how to best stay safe and healthy while you’re travelling, including any vaccinations you might need to get before you go (and if they are safe).

Do a budget

Yes, it’s boring, but with a baby on the way you’re about to have a lot of big expenses. So it’s important to get a clear idea of what you can afford to spend on a babymoon before you make any big plans. The last thing you want to do is blow all your money on a big trip and realise you’ve run out of cash to buy the essentials for bub.

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Planning your trip

Planning a babymoon, planning the trip

Time it right

Timing can make or break a babymoon. Too early and you risk battling morning sickness on the run. Too late and your sizeable bump might really slow you down, or worse, put you at risk of delivering your baby while you’re away. Generally, the second trimester is considered the best time for a babymoon.

Choose your destination

Once you know when you want to go, think about what kind of a trip you want to have and where you want to go. How will you get there? Is it safe to travel there? Is it the right time of year to go?

Check your travel options

Are you planning to fly, cruise or drive? Driving is a good option if you’d like to stay closer to home, although if you’re planning a bigger road trip, be sure to schedule regular stops and try not to drive more than 5-6 hours a day. If you’re flying or cruising, be sure to check if your airline or cruiseline has restrictions on how late in your pregnancy you can travel.

Check your travel options when planning a babymoon

Explore local medical facilities

Now is not the time to rough it through the jungles of Borneo. Wherever you go, make sure a suitable hospital is within a quick trip and keep their contact details handy, just in case.

Get travel insurance and read the fine print

Travel insurance is always important, especially when pregnant. However, read your policy carefully. Many insurers won’t cover you for the cost of pregnancy-related treatment in your third trimester.

Be realistic

Be careful not to plan a trip jam-packed with activities. You might get there and decide you want to do nothing at all. Don’t forget, you’re growing a human, so your body might behave a little differently to what you’re used to. You may get puffed quickly, need to pee more and get tired easily. Remember to take it easy.

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While you’re away

Take all your medical information with you if you are planning a babymoon

Take all your medical information with you

It’s a good idea to get a letter from your doctor clearing you for travel and be sure to keep it with you, just in case you have any problems boarding a flight. Also have a record of your pregnancy-related medical history and any medications you’re on, just in case you need to see a doctor while you’re away.

Keep an eye on what you eat

You should always have a healthy respect for good food hygiene, especially when you’re pregnant. And make sure you’re aware of the foods you should avoid while pregnant. The local cuisine may be tempting, but skip it if you’re not sure what’s in it. Also, remember to eat a hearty breakfast and have lots of water and snacks on hand to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Remember your maternity pillow when planning your babymoon

Pack your pillow

Hotel beds can be the worst at the best of times. Be sure to ask for extra blankets and pillows to help you get as comfy as you can, and pack your own pillow to help you really feel at home.

Dress comfortably

Comfort is everything during pregnancy. Pack lots of loose travel clothes, be prepared for swollen feet and remember your thermostat might run a little differently so you might be more likely to feel the heat.

Take it easy

Although this will be the last holiday you have before bub arrives, it’s not going to be the last holiday you ever have. Don’t feel the pressure to pack too much in or stick to a rigid itinerary. Take it easy, listen to your body and do what you enjoy.

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