6 sandwich cutters to get little lunches shipshape

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Say bye bye to same old sandwiches and add a punch of fun to the school lunch box. With the simple push of fun sandwich cutters, you can easily transform the kiddo’s sangas into superheroes, unicorns and more.

Here are six sandwich cutters to get little lunches looking shipshape for the first week of school.


Dinosaur Sandwich Cutters

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): School lunches just got a lot more roarrrsome!


Superhero Sandwich Cutter

Superhero Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): Snap, Bam and Pow your way to the perfect school lunch box.


Unicorn Sandwich Cutters

Unicorn Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): Making magic might not be that easy, but making magical sandwiches sure is.


Heart Sandwich Cutters

Hearts Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): You love them and they’ll love the effort you put into their lunch.


Puzzle Sandwich Cutters

Puzzle Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): Piecing together a healthy lunch has never been easier.


Cat Sandwich Cutter

Paws Sandwich Cutter ($14.95): A picture puuuurrrrrrfect lunch box.

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