Woven wall hangings to make baby’s nursery shine

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Woven wall hanging to brighten baby's nursery | Mum's Grapevine

Creating a beautiful nursery is one of the many joys of becoming a new mum. And while white walls may look like a blank canvas to some, they’re actually the perfect backdrop to a stunning statement piece. The rainbow woven wall hangings from Rhino Republic are just that. A gorgeous tapestry set to brighten bub’s nursery come rain or shine.

Rhino Republic woven wall hanging with rainbow

Woven wall hanging, macrame wall hanging with rainbows

Made using a creative wrapping technique, you can customise the colours of yarn to suit your sweetpea’s style. Whether it be beiges and browns for boho nursery or a trio of blues for a tribal nursery, there’s a colour combination for all.

And as bubba starts to touch and feel, the tactile rainbows are lumpy and bumpy in all the right places.

Rainbow Woven Wall Hangings available online  here ($70).

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