Winners: 2019 Birth Becomes Her birth photo contest

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Water birth photography

Raw, emotional and incredibly powerful, the best birth photos from across the world have been revealed for 2019. Hold onto your ovaries, you’re about to be taken on a birth journey that will make your heart soar to new heights.

The Birth Becomes Her Image Contest attracted more than 1200 birth photos from professional snappers around the globe, and their entries are inspiring. Each image captured life-changing moments that float past in the blink of an eye but are paused forever through the lens. From the waves of contractions to the primal last push, the first cuddle to meeting siblings, these are the photos that show birth in all its brilliant glory.

Here are the best birth photos for 2019.

Overall winner

Birth Becomes Her Birth Photo Contest Winner

via Sadie Wild Photography

Second Place: Overall

Belle Verdiglione birth photography

via Belle Verdiglione Photography

Third Place: Overall

Water birth photos

via Toni Nichole Photos

First Place: Out of Hospital Birth

via Northern Light Photography

First Place: Colour

Mary Nieland from Fox Valley Birth and Baby

via Mary Nieland from Fox Valley Birth and Baby

First Place: Black and White

Water birth photography

via Cat Fancote

First Place: Postpartum

After birth photo

-via Photo: Art by Jessica

Second Place: Hospital Birth

Marijke Thoen birth photography

via Marijke Thoen

Second Place: Out of Hospital Birth

Best birth photos of the year

via Micah Lynn Birth Stories

Second Place: Colour

Water birth photography

via Kendal Blacker Photography

Second Place: Postpartum

Coastal Lifestyles Photography Best Postpartum winner photo

via Coastal Lifestyles Photography

Third Place: Out of Hospital Birth

After birth photography

via Cradled Creations

Third Place: Colour

Water birth photo winner

via Chiara Doveri Photography

Third Place: Postpartum

Birth Becomes Her birth photo contest

via Hanna Hill Photography

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