Red Panda wall stickers for baby’s nursery

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Nursery wall stickers by Red Panda | Mum's Grapevine

Bringing baby’s nursery to life is one of the many enjoyable milestones of the pregnancy journey. You may have already decided on a nursery theme, but what about painting those nursery walls?

If you’re struggling to choose a colour, the nursery wall stickers by Red Panda can help brighten a room without a paint bucket in sight. Hurrah!

Nursery Wall Stickers, I love you to the moon and back

Add an individual motif – like an inspirational quote or a whimsical woodland character, or fill an entire wall with a super cute pattern. There’s a wall sticker for every baby boy or girls bedroom to be.

Nursery Wall Stickers, pastel llamas and cacti

Nursery Wall Stickers, lets sleep under the stars

Nursery Wall Stickers, a cute penguin family

Available online from Red Panda (from $19.95)

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