It’s official: Stay-at-home-mums worth $230,000

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Stay at home mum's worth

Raising babies is a tough job – some would say the hardest job there is. It’s never-ending and often thankless (save for gorgeous, sloppy kisses). But have you ever stopped to think how much you’re worth in dollar terms?

Well, the numbers have been crunched and mummas you’re worth an absolute mint! In fact, a stay-at-home mum should be on a salary of more than $230,000 (US$162,581) according to research by The organisation created a list of jobs that reflect what a stay-at-home mum does daily, and the resulting salary is staggering.

The 30 jobs a stay-at-home mum does

How much is a stay at home mum worth?

According to mums perform a huge amount of jobs around the home every day, including coach, teacher, interior designer, nurse, photographer, plumber, logistics analyst and groundskeeper.

The more than 30 jobs each attract their own wage, and when it’s all added up, mums are doing more than $230,000 worth of work a year.

And for how many hours a week, you might ask? While we know mums are actually never off the clock, says this mum-wage is based on a whopping 96 hours of work a week. No wonder we’re tired! Of course, while this research is based on stay-at-home mums, we know working mums and stay-at-home dads are just as selfless and hard-working.

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