50 places to hide Easter eggs

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Where to hide Easter eggs

It’s almost time for little bunnies to start the hunt for chocolate treasure, which means the Easter Bunny needs to start a plan of attack and work out where to hide those delicious Easter eggs!

Fear not, we have some egg-cellent ideas for finding the perfect Easter egg hidey holes both inside the house and out in the garden. No more desperately throwing chocolate eggs into corners, this definitive guide is all you need to deftly do your bunny duties justice. We’ve split the hiding spots up into easy, tricky and egg-spert level, so the little kids, bigger kids and tweens are all covered.

Here are 50 places to hide Easter eggs around the home. Hop to it!

Places to hide Easter eggs inside

50 places to hide easter eggs

Don’t be afraid to use sticky tape, string or anything that will hold an egg in its secret spot.

Hiding Level: Easy 

1.  Indoor plant

2. Bookshelf

3. Dining chair

4. Behind curtains

5. Fruit basket

6. In between stuffed toys

7. Under the couch


Hiding Level: Tricky

8. Dishwasher

9. Slippers

10. Coffee mug

11. Tissue box

12. Shoes

13. Behind a picture

14. Junk drawer

15. Sugar bowl

16. Jacket pockets


Hiding Level: Egg-spert!

17. Taped under the dining table

18. Inside cookie jar

19. Cereal box

20. Washing machine

21. Bread box

22. Egg carton in the fridge

23. Dollhouse

24. Microwave

25. Teapot

Easter Egg hiding pro tips

50 places to hide Easter eggs

  • Keep an inventory of how many and where eggs are hidden. Nobody wants to be sitting in melted chocolate in two weeks time.
  • If you’ve got kiddos of different ages, hide the eggs at different heights so they all have a chance to find some. Or colour-code the eggs, so each child can only take the eggs for their age group.
  • Leave clues for some of their trickier hiding spots (use the gorgeous Easter hunt printables from hello, Wonderful pictured below) or leave a letter from the Easter Bunny with a treasure map.
  • Not every egg has to be chocolate – use plastic eggs to hide other treats like movie tickets or coupons for fun adventures.

Places to hide Easter eggs outside

Easter hunt game

Think about the weather, if it’s going to be a warm morning, look for shady spots. If it’s rainy, undercover is the go. And don’t forget dogs! If you have a pooch keep them away from any chocolate.

Hiding Level: Easy

26. Coiled garden hose

27. Behind gardening tools

28. Exterior windowsills

29. Cubby house

30. Birdbath

31. Front doorstep

32. Scattered in flowerbed

33. Veggie patch

34. In rocks

35. Mud kitchen

36. Behind garden gnome

37. Wheelbarrow


Hiding Level: Tricky

38. Gardening gloves

39. Small bushes

40. Bike basket

41. Watering can

42. Behind outdoor cushions

43. Gumboots

44. Letter box


Hiding Level: Egg-spert!

45. Under the BBQ lid

46. Real (empty) bird’s nest

47. In tree branches

48. Sandpit

49. Top of car tyres

50. In pockets of washing hanging on the line

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