5 basic pancake recipes to make this weekend

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The only pancake recipes you'll ever need | Mum's Grapevine

A breakfast of pancakes screams of slow mornings and lazy weekends. Drizzle these recipe pancakes with your favourite toppings, dust with a little sugar, serve alongside seasonal fruit – however you like your stack, we’ve found the only recipes for pancakes you’ll ever need.

Here are five delicious pancake recipes for you to bookmark for breakfast.

Ricotta pancake recipe

Blueberry ricotta pancake recipe
A good helping of ricotta gives these pancakes a little boost in the ‘fluffy’ department. Gently fold the ingredients together, cook until golden and enjoy. (via One-Handed Cooks)

American-style pancakes

Old fashioned, American-style pancakes recipe
A family favourite that makes the perfect stack of pancakes. Sifting the dry ingredients here is key as it creates a fluffier texture and a mighty impressive batch of pancakes. (via All Recipes)

Make-ahead pancakes

Easy make-ahead pancake recipe that works every time
Apparently, the secret to making the BEST pancakes is to make the batter the night before. Who knew?! This allows the gluten in the batter to relax, resulting in a lighter, fluffier pancake. Plus, less cleaning up in the morning – hurrah! (via Adam Liaw)

Banana Pancakes

Banana pancake recipe for a healthier breakfast
The addition of wholemeal flour makes this recipe pancake a little healthier while the mashed banana adds flavour and a hint of sweetness. (via Cookie and Kate)

Basic recipe pancakes

The best basic pancake recipe
Using ingredients you’ll always find hidden in the cupboard, this recipe for basic pancakes is a keeper. Minimum effort, maximum taste. (via Genius Kitchen)

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