The world’s worst 30 baby shower cakes

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World's worst birthing cakes

What more could a mum-to-be want at her baby shower, but a bloody, horrifying birthing cake taking centre stage?

Strap on your sense of humour and put down any food you’re eating, we’re about to walk you through the world’s worst cakes, all modelled on the sacred moment of birth. These birthing cakes are deftly decorated with chocolate sprinkles for pubic hair, fake, edible blood, severed dolls heads and of course a poo or two. These are the birthing cakes that you can’t unsee.

Born with a bow

Baby shower cake horror

Because every little princess is born with a bow on her head. And yep, that’s poo. (via xchantellemurphyx)

Best wishes!

Poo baby shower cake

It’s the thought that counts, right? (via lynngarricks)

Baby got back

Big baby shower cake

At least there’s plenty of birthing cake to go around! (via ascherthing)

Mumma, here I come!

Vagina baby shower cake

When using a doll head just isn’t enough, throw in the arms as well. (via thesingingswiss)

Take my hands

Horror baby shower cake

Don’t be afraid mumma, just take my hands and it’s all over. (via anerolsted)

Hello there!

Goodbye vagina baby shower cake

It’s never quite the same down there, is it? May as well warn a mumma. (via gab_racine_carre)

Bloody baby shower

Vulva baby shower cake

Makes us cross out legs just looking at it. (via cakesbykatnyc)

It’s twins!

Bad twins baby shower cake

Like a singleton birthing cake wasn’t enough. (via kavitaboomprice)

I see you

Bad baby shower cakes

But only just.

Spell it out

Birthing baby cake

Obviously made for a true blonde mum-to-be. (via lindsaywehmeyer)

Berry nice

Doll baby shower cake

Because apparently afterbirth is much like a fruit orchard. (via almaolssonwidjaja)

Crowning glory

Bad baby shower cakes acuyume

This little one is coming sunny side up. That’s gotta hurt. (via acuyume)

Peekaboo, I see you

Blood and guts baby shower cake

Somewhere in this ghoulish birthing cake is a baby. (via genifurx)

What a pearler

Barbie head baby shower cake

We’re assuming those pearls are … nevermind. At least this little baby is an easy birth. (via virginiakvj)

That’s gotta hurt

Worst baby shower cakes

Frighteningly lifelike. (via Cake Wrecks)

Put your hands up

Arms first baby shower cake

A little bit Halloween a little bit birthing cake. (via klarabjorngard)

Strawberries and cream

Baby shower cake disaster

That’s one happy bub! (via mimiposkitt)

C-section celebration

c-section baby shower cake

Birthing cakes are inclusive of all types of birth (via ainosaur)

Spread ’em

Worst baby shower cakes ever

Scary how real this one looks. (via headbanger)

Yep, more poop

Poop baby shower cake

Apparently, birth pooping is quite the inspiration for so many birthing cakes. yambaoski

Cut the cord

Birthing cake for baby shower

So much cord, such pretty flowers. The juxtaposition isn’t lost on us. (via june_aht)

World's worst birthing cakes for baby showers

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