Gadget Helps Dads Breastfeed Their Babies

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Device helping dads breastfeed

A Japanese company has unveiled a high-tech device that allows dads to ‘breastfeed’ their babies, and help them sleep better.

Called the ‘Father’s Nursing Assistant’, it’s shaped like a woman’s breasts, is heated to mimic the feel of a mum and is linked to an app. The Dentsu Group says its device is designed to, “decrease the amount of burden on mothers and increase the amount of time infants sleep by enabling fathers to breastfeed.”

Device helps dads breastfeed

The company says the amount of time babies in Japan sleep is shorter compared to the rest of the world, and that “breastfeeding is also effective at helping the parent sleep – a benefit that is currently skewed toward women.”

The wearable dad breastfeeding device is designed so the father holds the baby in both arms and has greater skin to skin contact. “Based on advice from pediatricians and babysitters, who say that babies tend to touch the breast with their hands when feeding and that the softness seems to sooth them, the product has been shaped to resemble a woman’s breasts.”

Breastfeeding gadget for dads

The nursing assistant, which is a concept design at this stage, was unveiled in Texas as part of a conference exhibition, focused on the concept ‘Pointless Brings Progress’. The company says the point of the exhibitions is ideas so novel that they, “go beyond a modern sense of value may be considered pointless (or meaningless). For this very reason, however, these ideas can trigger future innovation.” We live in interesting times, Grapeviners.

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