10 ways to keep cool during pregnancy

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Summer is the season for sunny days and balmy nights, which means it’s also the season for expectant mums to feel hot and – let’s be honest here – bothered.

And that’s ok, because it’s natural for pregnant women to be feeling the heat. Mums-to-be have a higher core body temperature than usual, there is more blood pumping around the body, and as that baby bump grows, it takes more effort to move around.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get some relief from the heat. Here are our top 10 tips for staying cool during a summer pregnancy.

Seek out shade

Try to do ‘outdoor stuff’ early and late in the day, when the sun is lower and temperatures are that bit cooler.

Load up on water

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and stay cool by splashing H2O on wrists and spritzing water on the face with a spray bottle.

Use a cold compress

Wet a washcloth or scarf and apply it to the back of your neck for instant cooling power. A gel eye mask is also lovely and soothing after a stint in the fridge.

Choose comfy fabrics

Lightweight and light-coloured clothing is cooler than thick and dark-coloured clothing. And try to wear a natural fabric, like cotton or linen, because it ‘breathes’.

Have a mocktail

Whether you buy a frozen fruit smoothie or make one at home, an icy blend will provide a taste of the tropics, minus the heat of the tropics.

Go to the movies

Ahhh….. the lure of an air-conditioned cinema. Get a cool drink (or choc top!) and enjoy 90 minutes of movie-watching, bump-cooling pleasure.

Go shopping!

A leisurely trip to the supermarket, mall or local IKEA is a great way to cool down (and get some inspiration for dinner/maternity wear/the nursery!) These places sure are air-conditioned.

Take a dip

Have a lukewarm shower, dip hot feet in a cool footspa (or paddling pool) and, if possible, head to a pool or beach for a dip.

Embrace the fan

A fan is a classic way to cool down. Install one at home or get a portable mini-fan – then let it do its thing. Ahhh…..

Go slow

There’s no need to rush around. Try to take things easy when it’s hot, have a nap if needed and don’t be afraid to ask for help. After all, the most important job on the list is growing a baby!

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