Tips for setting up the perfect newborn feeding space

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Feeding space for baby in boho style nursery
There a sweet little corner of your newborn’s nest where both you and bub will spend many, many hours feeding. So before your little birdie comes home to roost, it’s worth putting some effort into your feeding space.

A feeding space doesn’t have to be in the nursery. You may have more than one feeding station set up in your home, particularly if you have a big or double storey house. But the rules remain the same – make it a comfy, cosy corner with everything you need at hand. From the nursing chair, down to the essentials you keep on a table nearby, there are a few key things to consider to make your newborn’s feeding space perfectly suited for stress-free feeds.

Here’s everything you need to know about setting up a newborn feeding space.

Where should you set up a feeding space?

Nursing station in modern boho nursery

The obvious place to set up bub’s feeding space is in the nursery. But it’s worthwhile thinking about some other areas in your home that also make the perfect feeding spot.


If you have room, a corner of the nursery makes for a quiet and serene place to feed baby, free from distraction. It’s close to the cot for easy transfer into bed, and the same goes for the changing table – nice and near for those mid-feed nappy changes.

Your bedroom

If bub is starting off sleeping in a co-sleeper or bassinet in your room, it makes sense that you set aside some space for a feeding corner in the room. It may not even have a nursing chair – you may prefer to feed on the bed.

Lounge or other room

During the day if baby is napping in a bassinet in the lounge, set up a nursing corner nearby. This can just be a section of the couch, with everything you need to hand.

Things to consider when choosing a baby feeding space

Feeding space in grey and green nursery

While you’re choosing where your feeding space, keep these things in mind:

  • Look where the heating and cooling vents are in the room. You don’t want your nursing chair to be over a heating vent, or right in the line of an air conditioner.
  • How far away is the cot or bassinet? You’ll be lifting a probably sleeping or very sleepy newborn into their bed, so make sure it’s within a few steps.
  • Make sure the feeding space is close to the change table or somewhere you can quickly change bub. Lots of mums change mid-feed, and lots of bubs soil their nappy during a feed.
  • Check where the nearest electrical socket is – so you can charge your phone if needed (some feeds go for a very long time!).

What do you need for a newborn feeding space?

Things you need in your baby feeding space

In the early days, you may find yourself feeding for 30 minutes or even up to an hour – newborns are tiny and it takes a lot of energy to drink! So having a comfortable feeding space that has everything you need for a feeding session is really important.

Here’s what you need for a newborn feeding space.

A nursing chair

This doesn’t have to be a nursery chair or rocking chair, but keep in mind these are designed with comfort while feeding in mind. When you’re choosing a chair, think about the size and if it will be able to rock or recline in the position it’s destined for.

Table & bin

There are a few things you’ll need at hand during a feed so a small table near the feeding chair is essential. One with a drawer is great for storing everything you’ll need, or a basket on top of a small table will do. Also, pop a small bin under the table for easy disposal of breast pads and wipes. Here’s what’s handy to keep on your feeding space table:

  • Tissues
  • Wipes
  • Breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Book and pen to record feeds
  • Clock
  • Phone charger
  • TV remote
  • Small fan


Late night and early morning feeds mean soft lighting is a must. Either consider adding a dimmer to the ceiling light of the room or get a lamp with a soft globe to put next to the feeding chair. Or get a wearable night light for super easy mood lighting.


A great nursing pillow is designed to keep you and bub comfy during feeds, so keep one in your feeding corner. Keep it on your nursing chair or nearby table so it’s easy to grab with one hand, while bub is in the other.

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