Q&A: Is it ok to go tenpin bowling if I’m pregnant?

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Once you’re pregnant, things you did without thinking twice are suddenly questioned – particularly when they involve physical movement. Ever wondering if tenpin bowling is safe when pregnant? We asked an expert.

Ok, so this might be a weird question but I’m 23 weeks pregnant and friends are going tenpin bowling this weekend. Is it safe to go tenpin bowling whilst pregnant or best to not risk it?

Kelly, Mum's Grapevine Group Member

Senior midwife and best-selling maternity author Kathy Fray tells Mum’s Grapevine that lining up the tenpins and knocking ’em down is perfectly safe while you’re carrying your own little bowling ball in your belly! “In my professional opinion, any gentle exercise is fine, including bowling, yoga, swimming, walking. What I don’t like seeing are exercises that ‘bounce the bump’ up and down (eg. running), or anything to do with abdominal muscle engagement (eg. crunches). Those two I do think should be avoided.”

The helpful mummas-to-be in the Mum’s Grapevine Pregnancy Facebook Groups have also offered their advice:

“I think the only worry is your ligaments are looser, so just be careful not to overstrain yourself when bowling otherwise have fun!” – Lacey

“I bowl twice a week in the league (5 games in total) and am 21 weeks. It is starting to be a struggle for me, but I have been doing this for years. Just ask the counter for help to find the lightest ball that will fit your hand well and be gentle with yourself and your swing. If you have purchased a belly band belt then definitely wear this while bowling.” – Tori

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