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Very Busy Bag, a bag of activities for kids | Mum's Grapevine

It’s a well-known fact that kiddies aren’t that great when it comes to sitting still. Whether it be at a restaurant for dinner, a whirlwind visit to nannas house or a last-minute trip to the hospital – sometimes the wriggles really get to them. Thankfully, one Aussie mum has created the ultimate bag of tricks to make entertaining the kids a little easier.

Very Busy Bag offers a range of pre-packed bags of excitement – full of carefully selected, age-appropriate activities, toys and games for kiddos to dive into.

Very Busy Bag: activity bags for all ages

Very Busy Bag, busy bags with age-appropriate activities

Promoting all-important screen-free and independent play, Very Busy Bags are perfect for:

  • Waiting at the doctors
  • Family road trips
  • Evening entertainment
  • Overnight stays in hospital

Each bag contains nine age-appropriate quality activities to keep kids entertained, engaged and happy. Hurrah! Re-fill packs are available for return trips home or grab a top-up pack to entertain kiddies for longer stints. Want to get personal? You can also customise your Very Busy Bag to suit your child’s likes and interests.

Very Busy Bag, ideal for entertaining children while travelling | Mum's Grapevine

Very Busy Bag is not only bags of fun for the kids, but a lifesaver for busy parents – saving you time, money and a trip to the shops.

Full range of bags available online at Very Busy Bag (from $29.95).

Very Busy Bag: activity bags for kids

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