What Makes April Babies So Special

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Why April babies are so special | Mum's Grapevine

Expecting a baby in April, or already have a little one celebrating their birthday in the fourth month? You’re in luck, these little firecrackers are superb tiny humans – loyal, funny, and sensitive, but with an almighty stubborn streak.

We’ve consulted the science books, delved into the research, and dabbled in a little astrology to pull together everything you need to know about babies born in April.

Information about the month of April

Why April babies are so special

A sweet April baby is an enigma, a little charmer who has a great sense of humour and loves conversation (watch out for that baby babble!) but is also stubborn.

According to APost, April bubs tend to be cool customers, able to stay calm in stressful situations. They’re also kind, sympathetic, and eternal optimists. Confident and easy to get along with, an April baby is loyal, sensitive, and always looks on the bright side of life.

Sharp as a tack, with a fantastic memory, April tots are generous, smart, and love learning new things. If you ever need cheering up, you’ll be able to count on your little April bub to lift the mood with their humour and bubbly personality. Despite all of this, they can be a little secretive.

Music and travel lovers, April babies are always on the go.

What science says about April babies

According to one study, which focused on birth dates in the US, those born in April tend to have less risk of disease. Smart and healthy – a great combination!

A study into the careers of people born in April found that there’s an even spread of professions, which means they’ll be whatever they want to be!

What astrology says about April babies

April babies are either an Aries (April 1st-19th) or a Taurus (April 20th-30th), a strong fire sign which explains a lot of their traits.

An Aries baby is curious, energetic, and ambitious and because of this can be restless. Bold and competitive babies and children, those born under an Aries sign will usually grow up to display these traits as they mature.

A Taurus baby is stable, just like the earth, and they tend to be conservative and loyal. Level-headed but fiery when pushed, Taurus babies will do well in school as they grow and also in the workforce.

Famous Celebrities born in April


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