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The first few months of baby being home are incredibly special and as parents, we don’t want to miss a thing. With the advancements in technology, you can now watch baby 24/7 through video baby monitors.

Their first smile, those cheeky moments when they should be sleeping but aren’t. Then there are those blissful times when they Finally. Fall. Asleep.

From super-sharp night vision and remote viewing of baby while you’re at work to movement detection technology and dirty nappy alerts – there’s a video baby monitor that fits into every family lifestyle.

What to look for in a video baby monitor

12 best video baby monitors

When deciding on the best video baby monitor for your family, there are a host of things to weigh up – some technical and others more to do with personal preferences. We even created a handy baby monitor buying guide to help with the process! As our extra set of eyes, they need to be up to the task of alerting us when babe isn’t settling, and perhaps play a role in getting tots off to sleep.

Video baby monitor features

Audio: Good baby monitors should have a strong sound quality even when the parent unit and monitor are at opposite ends of the house. Monitors that use digital enhanced cordless communication (DECT) are more private and you’ll find they have less interference.

Wi-Fi capabilities: If a video monitor is Wi-Fi enabled the footage can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection, provided that the monitor is in Wi-Fi range and has a good signal and the parent unit (or phone) also has Wi-Fi or in mobile network range. Keep in mind what other devices are using the Wi-Fi in your home and how much data you pay for as part of your phone network.

Range: You’ll need to take this into account when thinking about how far the monitor will be from the parent unit – especially if you have a double storey or large house.

Infrared camera: For clear pictures at night. You’ll find that most transmit black and white images once the lights go out.

Multi-camera option: The ability to add more camera later on means being able to view the room from different angles, or set up cameras in other rooms like the playroom or another child’s bedroom.

Camera mount: Depending on your nursery set up, look for either a clamp or wall mount, or the capability for the monitor to stand on a flat surface.

Screen size: You’ll find video baby monitor screens are usually measured in inches with some of the latest models boasting screens that are 5”, which is more than 12cm.

Optional features: Some video baby monitors come with additional features that make them nice to have.

  • SD card slot to record video
  • Password security
  • Mains power & battery option
  • Pan, tilt and zoom remotely
  • HD video and audio
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Visual sound bar
  • Music or white noise feature

The best baby monitors for 2019

We asked our Pregnancy and Baby group members to recommend the best video baby monitors they use and these are the brands they recommend to their friends.

Oricom Video Baby Monitor

Oricom Secure740 ($249): The super-sized screen and motion detection make this little unit a high-tech wonder. While the monitor is crystal clear during the day, it adapts beautifully to monitoring at night with infrared night-vision. It also lets you know if the room is too hot or too cold, and sounds an alarm if motion or sound is detected.

Screen size: 4.3″ colour display
Wi-Fi capability: No
Range: Up to 150 metres under optimum conditions
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Motion detection, feeding timer and soothing lullabies

“Some really good things about this monitor are the big clear screen and the great quality of the picture… even in a dark bedroom. I love that the video camera measures the temperature in the room and displays it at the top of the screen. The range of the monitor is great. I’ve taken the screen outside into my backyard and the range did not drop out”. – Carla T

Vtech Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor

VTech Pan & Tilt Video Monitor

Vtech VM9900 Video Monitor ($329): Keep an eye on baby no matter where you are with encrypted local and remote viewing and recording. With motion-activated alerts, two-way talk through the parent unit or your phone via the app it’s the ideal monitor to give parents peace-of-mind. And the auto night vision continues the crystal-clear viewing as day turns into night.

Screen size: 5″ colour display
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Multi-camera capable:
Extras: Video recording, split-screen viewing, pan & tilt camera

The quality of the video in night mode is so impressive. I can almost see my baby’s eyelashes as I watch her eyelids get heavy!!! The sound is excellent, and being able to speak to her through the monitor is a great feature.” – Sarah R

Angelcare Video Baby Monitor

Angelcare 1320 Video and Sound Monitor baby monitor

Angelcare AC1320 Video and Sound Monitor ($199.90): From the tinniest wriggle to the loudest cry, you won’t miss a thing with this monitor. Its an ideal choice for parents wanting peace of mind.

Screen size: 3.5″ colour display
Wi-Fi capability: No
Range: up to 250 meters
Multi-camera capable:

Extras: Nursery night light and parent unit locator.

Kodak Cherish Baby Monitor

Kodak Cherish Monitor review callout

Kodak Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor ($399): It’s no surprise that a camera company knows their stuff when it comes to crystal clear imagery. The Kodak Cherish combines a large parent unit display with clever in-built features for a seriously smart baby monitor. With Wi-Fi and direct connect capability, parents can keep a watchful eye on baby wherever they are.

Screen size: 5″ Widescreen colour display
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Video and snapshot recording, remote pan, tilt and zoom camera

“The video quality of the Kodak Cherish monitor is incredible – we can see baby so clearly. And I love the illuminated keypad… no more fumbling around with the monitor in the dark!” – Louise W 

Instant monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor turns phone into monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor ($5.99): Cheap and easy, this app basically turns your smart devices into baby monitors. Works on any Wi-Fi network over 3G, LTE or via Bluetooth, on any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac with no configuration. It means you can watch bub on a large screen with there’s no range limit,

Screen size: N/A
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Range: Unlimited
Multi-camera capable: Yes – as long as you have multiple devices

I just use my normal phone as parent unit and had an old phone that I set up on wifi in the baby’s room. Use the Cloud Baby Monitor app for iPhone… It’s the best! I can use it wherever I go!” – Melissa S

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36XL

Motorola MBP36XL Video & Sound Baby Monitor ($250.83): Motorised pan, tilt and digital zoom combined with a 300 degree viewing angle mean there aren’t many little corners for bub to hide! High-quality sound, a colour display – which can be beamed to the TV with an additional cable and two-way communication all give parents peace of mind.

Screen size: 3.5″ colour TFT LCD display
Wi-Fi capability: No
Range: Up to 200-metre operation range
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Lullabies, temperature display and alert, timer and alarm.

“I have a Motorola mbp36s and it’s amazing”Sheena P

Arlo Video Baby Monitor

Netgear Arlo Baby monitor

Arlo Baby ($299): An all-in-one monitor that takes the guessing out of getting a good nights sleep. Get alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime and anywhere with the Arlo Baby. A high definition video and advanced night vision make it even easier to see the baby’s movements in the dark. Take advantage of the 2-way talk feature and listen in and talk to your darling straight from your smartphone.

Screen size: N/A
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Range: Adjustable motion detection up to 50 feet. Wireless range 300 feet line of sight
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Smart music player, air sensors to monitor air quality, multi-coloured night light

“Arlo baby links up with all devices so we have it on our phones, tablet & smart TVs. Video quality is Amazing! It even shows the changing colours in our light clearly.”Elisha S

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

Lollipop WiFi Baby Monitor

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor ($229): The unique design of this sweet monitor means it can attach to all sorts of spots. Pair to your smartphone for a live feed. Use the app to get notifications when bub cries, when the air quality drops or there’s noise in the nursery. The camera can also be integrated with Alexa’s voice controls.

Screen size: N/A
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Sound machine, night vision

My boy is starting in his cot tonight after a trail of day sleeps in there. I’m just using a video baby monitor. I have the Lollipop baby camera and it’s amazing!” – Ashleigh P

Luvion Video Baby Monitor

Luvion Prestige Touch 2 Video Baby Monitor
Luvion Prestige Touch 2 Video Baby Monitor ($419): Boasting a 7inch LCD colour screen, dual technology means this can be used as a traditional video baby monitor and switched to Wi-Fi. Move the motorised pan/tilt camera remotely via the parent unit, and you can also snap photos and take video.

Screen size: 4.3″ LCD digital colour monitor
Wi-Fi capability: Yes, using an optional Wi-Fi bridge
Range: up to 300 meters (in a line of sight)
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Five-metre night vision, 24 lullabies, two-way talk-back, room temperature display

“The Luvion monitors are very good, we have been stoked with ours. We went camping with friends who all had different monitors and our Luvion had the best range.”Steph S

Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor

Project Nursery WiFi Baby Monitor

Project Nursery Smart WiFi Video Baby Monitor ($110): Pair this clever monitor with your Alexa device and hey presto – you now have a smart nursery! Connects to your smartphone or tablet so you can watch bub from anywhere, and use the remote pan/tilt/zoom camera movements to get a better view.

Screen size: N/A
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Audio recording and two-way communication, record video and snap photos of the baby directly to your smartphone or tablet.

“Project Nursery is a great monitor, with good range. I have it and have no complaints!” – Chantelle B

Uniden Video Baby Monitor

Uniden Video Baby Monitor

Uniden BW3101 Video Monitor ($199.95): A great video monitor at a great price. Watch your baby sleeping from anywhere in the world thanks to it’s Baby Watch feature. Talk and soothe your baby remotely with a ‘walkie-talkie’ like function and use the built-in lullabies and night light to assist you with nighttime settling.

Screen size: 4.3″ colour LCD display
Wi-Fi capability: No
Range: Unlimited with Smartphone App
Multi-camera capable:
Extras: Night light, temperature display and alert.

“I love my Uniden, I got one that I can add up to 4 cameras, which is great because I can add to it for the new baby.”Kate A

Vtech Video Baby Monitor

Vtech Owl Video Baby Monitor

Vtech BM4500 Owl Video Monitor ($289): With a reach of 300 metres, you’ll always be in range, whether you’re hanging out the washing or eating chocolate and watching TV. The camera can be mounted to keep it away from little hands and a temperature reading lets you know the room isn’t too hot or too cold. If bub wakes up and needs some assurance you have a two-way parent talk back to let them know you aren’t far away.

Screen size: 4.3″ colour display
Wi-Fi capability: No
Range: 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors
Multi-camera capable:
Extras: Lullabies, temperature display and alert

“You can have up to four cameras, there’s a talkback setting, nursery rhymes you can play and a tilt and pan camera.”Jess M

iBaby Video Baby Monitor

iBaby M7 Baby Monitor

iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor ($341): This adorable little guy looks like something out of Star Wars, and is just as high tech. The iBaby can play lullabies and bedtime stories, listen and talk, take pictures, record video and has smart sound and motion alert. It will even let you know when it’s time to change that smelly nappy! As an added bonus there’s a projected moon and light show for babies who need visual calming tools. Use the free iOS or Android app to stream vision on your device.

Screen size: N/A
Wi-Fi capability: Yes
Multi-camera capable: Yes
Extras: Air Quality Sensor (VOC) with graph, sound and motion sensors, nappy and feeding alerts.

We had an iBaby for our first 5 years ago-loved it! I am a nurse, so it meant I could check in on my baby and watch. 360-degree vision and the ability to control it from my phone.” – Lana M

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