12 baby bassinets for every budget

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12 best baby bassinets Australia | Mum's Grapevine

One of the first places bubba will sleep (apart from snuggling into mumma’s chest), a baby bassinet is an important purchase for any new parent. To help you in your search, we’re here to guide you through some of the best baby bassinets Australia has to offer.

Most bassinets are lightweight and portable, making moving from room to room a breeze. Whether bunking with bub for the first few months or popping baby into their own room, there’s a bassinet to suit every need.

What to look for when buying a bassinet

Best bassinet: Stokke Sleepi Mini

Here are some key features to consider when buying a baby bassinet:

Location: Where will snuggle-bunny be sleeping? Will the bassinet be in your room or the nursery? Some parents start with bub sleeping in their room with a plan to move into the nursery at a later date. If this sounds like the right idea for your family, choose a bassinet that can be moved with ease.

Space: What size is the room? Again, whether it’s the master bedroom or the nursery, measure the space and make sure the bassinet (and the accessories that come with it) will fit. For a helping hand, use our handy nursery planning guide.

Safety: Safe sleeping is the highest priority, so be sure to check that the bassinet complies with Australian standards.

Quality: Safety and durability are determined by quality. Choose a well-made bassinet that will keep your little one sleeping safe and sound.

Nursery design: Is there a particular theme or other furniture that the bassinet needs to compliment? Many bassinets are available in sets so that the cot, change table and dresser all match too.

12 baby bassinets Australia

To help you find the best baby bassinet Australia has to offer, we’ve compiled this list of amazing brands to get you started in your search. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Troll

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Troll Sun

Troll Sun Bassinet ($399.95)

This sleek co-sleeper lets little angels sleep soundly right by your side, with a simple yet sturdy design that oozes Scandinavian style. Made from European birch, the stunning SUN is available in three timeless colourways.

2. SnuzPod

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: SnuzPod

SnuzPod Bassinet ($495)

The award-winning SnuzPod is a clever 3-in-1 design. It can attach to the side of your bed for co-sleeping (there is a nifty zip-down side for easy access to bub for feeding), use it as a stand-alone crib or lift the bassinet from the rocking base and use it for daytime naps around the home.

3. Bednest

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Bednest bassinet

Bednest Bassinet ($499.95)

The Bednest is so clever – it feels like bae is sleeping in your arms, without actually sharing a bed. With adjustable height and positioning, simply lower the mesh side for easy comforting and feeding.

4. Leander

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Leander hanging cradle

Leander Cradle ($379.95)

This stunning cradle suspends from the ceiling for sweet nursery slumber or from a tripod for napping around the home. Made from super-soft cotton, the cradle folds down for easy storage and sways in every direction to rock bubba to bye-byes.

5. Boori

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Boori tidy bassinet almond

Boori Tidy Bassinet ($249.95)

Bassinet, change table and storage all rolled into one. Made from solid and sustainable wood, chosen for its premium quality and beautiful natural grain, this design features a perforated, washable mesh basket that allows for maximum airflow and visibility.


Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Snoo Self Rocking Bassinet

SNOO Smart Sleeper ($1,160)

It’s the Smart baby bassinet Australia loves. The SNOO uses microphones to tell when bub is crying or fidgeting. And while Mum and Dad stay tucked up in bed, the SNOO gets to work playing white noise and rocking bub back to sleep.

7. Mother’s Choice

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Mother's Choice Coco Folding Bassinet

Mother’s Choice Coco Folding Bassinet ($199)

A classic style bassinet which conveniently folds away for storage, while the 100% cotton fabric allows excellent ventilation – ideal for warmer climates.

8. Love N Care

love n care complete bassinet

Love N Care Complete Bassinet ($199)

Complete with designer quilt set, pillowcase, mattress and mattress protector, this practical carrycot converts to a crib on wheels for the ultimate flexibility.

9. Incy Interiors

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Haut monde Maxwell Timber Bassinet

Maxwell Timber Bassinet ($399)

Individually handcrafted from New Zealand pine, the mid-century inspired Maxwell Bassinet is classic luxury at its best. Despite the solid and structured design, it’s light enough to transport easily and effortlessly as needed.

10. Cariboo

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Cariboo bassinet

Cariboo Folding Bassinet ($199)

Convenient, stylish and portable, this classic design is a versatile addition to any room. The safe and sturdy base folds easily, allowing it to be moved and stored when not in use. Choose from four base colours and four fabric colours to create the perfect bassinet to match your dream nursery.

11. Dutch Warehouse

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: Dutch warehouse sol bassinet

Dutch Warehouse Sol bassinet ($549)

The beautifully unique shape of this stunner will take your nursery to new heights. Handcrafted by a team of Indonesian artisans, this is the perfect piece to pass down from generation to generation with its timeless design.

12. McMullin & Co

Best Baby Bassinets Australia: McMullin & Co Lucie Cane Bassinet

Lucie Cane Bassinet ($599)

This raw beauty is 100% handmade and crafted from chemical-free materials. The organic shape and natural materials contribute to a soothing environment allowing little ones to drift soundly to sleep.

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12 best baby bassinets Australia | Mum's Grapevine

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