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Want to keep bub’s bum as smooth as, well, a baby’s bottom? Nappy rash cream is designed to keep little tooshies comfy and dry, combating all the things that lead to nappy rash.

Nappy creams are soothing between nappy changes, and create a barrier to keep wetness away from the skin. For many mums they’re just as much a part of the nappy changing routine as using baby wipes.

What to look for when buying a nappy rash cream

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Ingredients: Many barrier creams use things like zinc and castor oil or Vaseline to act as a repellent to moisture. As do similar ingredients like lanolin. Some nappy creams have been specifically designed to treat nappy rash. These creams often have different active ingredients to deal with fungal infections or skin issues.

Consistency: According to Health Direct, it’s best to apply a thick layer of nappy rash cream to stop poo and wee touching your babe’s skin, so it’s worth checking the consistency of the cream you’re choosing.

Size: When it comes to nappy bag essentials size really does matter. How often will the nappy rash cream be used? Think about size and ease of use before purchasing something that’s too big to pop into the nappy bag.

16 Nappy Rash Creams Recommended by Mums

We asked our Pregnancy and Baby group members to recommend the best nappy creams available and these are the brands they recommend to their friends.


Sudocrem range of products

Sudocrem Healing Cream ($18.99)

Popping on a layer of Sudocrem after a nappy change creates a protective barrier to stop wee coming in contact with bub’s skin. It also helps with nappy rash and eczema for babes with sensitive skin. Winner!

Sudocrem cleared my bubs nappy rash in a day.” – Holly

“Never had an issue with Sudocrem. Find it helps any rashes or bites too. Even dermatitis it’s been helpful in our house!” – Sabrina

Sudocrem works for us… While our Bub was in the hospital he got a little bit of nappy rash and the nurses recommended and used Sudocrem and it cleared up pretty much straight away.” – Hope


Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream

Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream ($16.95)

A rich cream that aims to prevent soreness and reduce redness. It contains 100 per cent natural ingredients, including lanolin and zinc oxide to provide a protective barrier against excessive moisture and organic almond oil and organic calendula and chamomile extracts to soothe skin.

” I swear by this stuff – it is amazing. We haven’t had a huge amount of trouble with nappy rash but the odd day this clears it up super quick and it’s like instant relief for him.” – Lisa


MooGoo natural nappy balm

MooGoo Nappy Balm ($19.95)

A soothing balm can go a long way to calm angry skin and prevent further irritation. Made nut-oil free for peace of mind and packed with zinc and edible oils, this miracle worker is safe for your angel’s sensitive areas.

I have only ever used MooGoo products and my lo has never had any skin problems or nappy rash etc if he has been a little red around his bits I have used it and clears it up straight away.” – Laura

I love it. When I put it on, the redness has gone by the next nappy change.” – Melanie

I don’t use powder at all, but use Moogoo Nappy Balm if my Bub has any redness as it’s all-natural, and the redness has completely gone before next nappy change.” – Juliette

Gilly Goat

Gilly Goat soothing nappy cream

Gilly Goat Soothing Nappy Cream ($29.95)

Enriched with Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera this beauty has all the good stuff for helping soothe and protect baby’s bottom. It’s a non-greasy formula with a lovely scent thanks of Lavender and Chamomile – great for mum and for baby!


Wotnot baby balm

Wotnot Baby Balm ($16.99)

A beautiful balm made to nourish bubba’s skin with the help of omega-3 rich ingredients like flaxseed oil, plus soothing powerhouses Certified Organic aloe vera, pawpaw and chamomile to help skin heal.

The Wotnot baby care range…never had any redness or rashes from the wipes & the balms and lotions are natural and lovely.” – Julie

From day one, we used a cream for every change. Wotnot or another truly organic brand with no nasties…” – Nerissa

Willow By The Sea

Willow by the Sea Bottom Balm

Willow By The Sea Bottom Balm ($32)

A gorgeous blend of cocoa butter and beeswax along with lavender and lemongrass oils, this balm calms inflammation and protects baby’s skin against bacteria. Australian made and owned it’s a winning combination of 100% organic ingredients. We love!

Sanctum Baby

Sanctum Baby bottom balm

Sanctum Baby Bottom Balm ($15.95)

An all-natural nappy rash cream for baby that gives relief from redness thanks to the soothing properties of Vitamin E and shea butter. With super-star ingredient candelilla wax making an appearance too this balm provides bub with a protective layer to prevent any more nasty rashes.

Try brands like Sanctum. They are all organic, chemical-free and cruelty-free!” – Natalia


Bepanthen Antiseptic

Bepanthen Antiseptic ($11.70)

Touted as effective for the temporary relief of nappy rash, Bepanthan uses a combination of almond oil and a gentle antiseptic to soothe and protect baby’s bum. And bonus – it’s also ok to use this for sore nipples between breastfeeding, just make sure you wipe it off before the next feed.

“I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate. Bub also had bad nappy rash and this cleared it within 24 hours.” -Maddison

“Bepanthen works a dream! My little man’s skin was peeling really bad and he had the worst rash! As soon as I put Bepanthen on it cleared up within 24 hours!” – Krystal

“Bepanthen doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin plus it cleared up bubs nappy rash right away.” – Krystal

nappy goo cream

nappy goo cream

nappy goo cream ($9.99)

Made in Melbourne, this gentle cream has mild antiseptic properties and forms a barrier to prevent, manage and treat nappy rash. The key ingredients are zinc oxide and Hamamelis water.

“Nappy Goo works amazing for our bubs.” – Nicole

“It’s designed by The Royal Children’s Hospital. It’s great.” – Kate


Amolin Baby Cream

Amolin Baby Cream ($5.99)

With an oil-rich base Amolin is crafted to give bub long-lasting protection. It’s designed to calm and soothe skin and protect from nappy rash, chafing and dry skin.

“Amolin is my new favourite! It’s made from zinc oxide, willow bark, calamine, and almond oil. Bubs has had absolutely no bad reactions to me using it!” – Athina

“Amolin baby cream is amazing! Clears up every kind of rash for our boy: nappy rash, teething rash, poo rash, heat rash, has even been great to use on cradle cap.” – Selina

“Had a shocking rash from nappies. I stopped using those nappies and used Amolin and nothing else every nappy change and it was completely gone in 48 hours. We’ve always used something each nappy change since birth and other than the nappies causing it, she’s never had a mark on her bottom. Not teeth, food or anything!” – Hannah

Nature’s Child

Nature's Child Baby Bottom Balm

Nature’s Child Baby Bottom Balm ($24.95)

Certified organic, this balm has antioxidant and moisturising properties, specifically tailored to the nappy area. A natural beeswax-based balm, it’s designed to manage nappy rash, skin itching and dryness.

“This balm prevents and soothes nappy rash and is a brilliant barrier cream. Easy to use – not messy or sticky. No irritations. Worth every cent – my favourite baby product.” – Claire

Naturals Australia

My Little One Happy Bottom Barrier Cream

My Little One Happy Bottom Barrier Cream ($14.95)

A gentle but effective barrier cream that can also be used to treat nappy rash. Soothing and nourishing and made with paw paw, shea butter, zinc and calendula.

“Love this as a great barrier cream.” – Ruby


Nappy Mate Paste

Nappy-Mate Paste ($7.50)

With active ingredients aluminium chlorohydrate, benzoin sumatra and zinc oxide this paste can be used for the prevention and treatment of nappy rash.

“Can’t rave about it enough…Nappy-Mate Paste is amazing!.” – Katy


Curash Nappy Rash Cream

Curash Nappy Rash Cream ($6.85)

A medicated nappy rash cream with a base of Vitamin E and Almond Oil and 20 per cent zinc oxide to help soothe and calm skin. Can be used at every nappy change, and as a treatment for nappy rash.

“It goes on thick so it stays on, and the paediatrician told me the active ingredient of zinc is what is essential for nappy rash cream to work best.” – Nicole


Aromababy Barrier Balm

Aromababy Barrier Balm ($29.95)

Created to soothe nappy rash as well as cradle cap and dry, the organic balm melts when it comes in contact with skin. Made from soothing natural oils which create a light barrier and enriched with organic evening primrose, vitamin E and calendula oils. Can also be used on sunburn, windburn, chafing, dry lips and cracked nipples during breastfeeding.

“I swear by Aromababy. It’s expensive so I only use it for the bad rashes and it works instantly overnight. It’s amazing!” – Kylie

Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Cream to Powder

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Cream To Powder ($15.95)

A two-in-one formula that goes on as a cream and dries to a powdery finish. Designed to absorb wetness and leave skin smooth and dry.

“Really interesting texture – goes from cream to powder so sort of cuts out a step. Have found it really soothing on bub’s bum.” – Sally

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The 16 best nappy creams for baby

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