Earlybirds clothing for premature babies

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Earlybirds clothes for premature babies

Most mums-to-be shopping for their bub’s first onesie swoon at just how small their newborn will be. As you stock up on 0000s, it’s hard to imagine how any mini human could be just that tiny.

For mums with precious premmie bubs, their tots are even tinier, making dressing their itty bitty bodies pretty tricky. Not only are standard baby clothes still too big, premature babies need some extra special care.

Having a premmie baby of her own inspired one clever Aussie mum to create Earlybirds– Australia’s premier range of clothing for premature and small babies.

Earlybirds clothing for premature babies

Earlybirds clothing for premature babies

Earlybirds range of clothes, including onesies, all-in-ones, jumpsuits and more, fits tiny tots as wee as 800 grams and are specifically designed with the special needs of a baby in hospital and NICU care.

The clothes are easy to get on and off, meaning you won’t have to move baby much when dressing them. This helps your little one conserve precious energy and makes it easy to manage around vital cords and machinery that are helping your baby bird grow.

They’re also made with super soft, high quality natural and organic cotton to look after your little peanut’s sensitive skin and keep them toasty warm. And because even babies in hospital deserve special outfits, they come in a range of sweet colours and cutie-pie prints.

Earlybird clothes for preemie babies

Their range of clothing for premature and small babies is available in sizes 800g – 3.5kg online from Earlybirds (from $13.95).


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Earlybird clothing for premature babies

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