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The waiting to take a pregnancy test can feel almost as long as the last trimester, but lots of women swear they just ‘know’ they’re pregnant, long before seeing the two little lines appear.

We asked the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community if they had an inkling they were expecting before taking their pregnancy test and almost 70 per cent said they just knew or had symptoms (some as early as the moment of conception).

Call it mother’s instinct, but we’re pretty good at knowing when bub is on board. Here are some of the early pregnancy signs other mums experienced.

Hooked on a feeling

Early pregnancy signs and symptoms

“At two-and-a-half-weeks with both my kids, no symptoms just had a gut feeling with both. First test I did in the public toilet at Coles and the second I did on the phone to my sister at Coles! Lol!” – Ashley

“Three weeks – just had that feeling.” – Larissa

“I had a ‘feeling’ after three days, is that even possible?!” – Kirsty

“I knew the moment that I conceived, how I cannot say I just knew.” – Jane

“My earliest was under one week. Doctors thought I was insane. But I took my one week test in and demanded a blood test. Test came back positive but because the levels were low I got told not to hold out much hope (because they were lower then they’re used to seeing). He’s just turned one.” – Alesia

“I knew that night, I pushed it out of my head and as I’d just lost my mum a few days prior I was preoccupied, the day before my period I got a test, I was basically on autopilot and it was positive.” – Sheree

“Like a week. I just felt … different” – Steph

“I knew I felt different (and we were trying) five days before my period was due. I had to talk myself out of taking a home test. I ended up doing it three days early and got a faint positive. Then did it the day I was due and got a strong positive. We’ve only had the one and only tried for that one month so maybe it was wishful thinking, maybe I knew.” – Stacey

“A few days after conception. I’d had two miscarriages so we were trying, and I just felt it. Mumma’s instinct.” – Bonnie

“A few days after conception I just knew! But then again I was the kind of person that was always paranoid if my period was one day late.” – Felicity

“My first I knew immediately. I waited two weeks and took a test and it was positive.” – Amber

“With my second I knew I was pregnant at two weeks and took a test and the line was barely visible so went to doctor to get a blood test and it was positive.” – Emily

Stomach knows best

Morning Sickness early

“I knew at three weeks – I was absolutely starving!” – Amelia

“I was throwing up at three weeks” – Rebecca

“Three days after conception I started spewing.” – Lauren

“I vomited up raisin toast that’s when I did a pregnancy test I would have been about two weeks.” – Rhiannon

“I vomited up my long black coffee and was like surely not. I never really tracked my periods but was bloated and so tired. I had blood tests done (all but pregnancy one!). I had really sore boobs legit had no idea been up weeing lots during the night still didn’t click. I was about three weeks.” – Tanya

“A few days before I missed my period I had nausea.” – Halina

“I woke up the following morning, craving coffee. All five pregnancies I knew the morning after I had sex. I hate coffee normally” – Su

“Conditioner smelled like off milk. It was the same symptom of had during a previous brief pregnancy.” – Casey

“I was hungry in the middle of the night.” – Theresa

“Couldn’t stop eating and occasional nausea.” – Deb

Mood swings ahead

Moody Pregnancy Symptom

“I realised at five weeks because I was super moody. I did have other symptoms before that (sore boobs, tired, etc) but I thought they were because my period was due.” – Hana

“Five days after my period was due, I was at work on a late, everyone was getting ready to leave I was just standing in a hallway, fuming angry and wanting to murder everyone for no reason at all. I was like woh, wait why do I feel like this? Then I clicked. I just knew.” – Tracey

“At one week. I didn’t feel myself. And I cried over a TV ad and a gagged brushing my teeth.” – Natasha

“With my last bub I knew when I realised I’d become grumpy and wanted to be left alone took a test and was positive.” – Jessica

“I was very emotional. VERY. And I craved things I rarely wanted as part of my daily diet.” – Katie

Body talk

Breast Changes during pregnancy

“My boobs were sore, brown ‘implantation’ bleeding, nausea.” – Stacey

“With my second I knew at about three weeks. Boobs were fuller and just had a feeling.” – Briony

“It is the weirdest thing but I kept sneezing twice and that made me realise I was pregnant. Not sure why but it did. Weird I know.” – Tamaryn

“Three days! Implantation bleeding and weird pain around my ovary area. I knew straight away.” – Hollie

“Five week’s with my first but nosebleeds at about three to four weeks was the first sign then morning sickness at five weeks.” – Stevie

“The second baby I just knew. My symptom was an extremely loud heartbeat after laying down in bed for 30 minutes plus and I couldn’t get to sleep it was so loud. I remembered that happened with my first baby and when it happened the second time I was like.” – Candice

“I’m six weeks now (scan yesterday) and mine was severe pain in my right side. I now know that it was the fact that the egg came from my right ovary and I have ovary issues.” – Jayde

“About a week and a half before my period – sore boobs.” – Ashleigh

“I knew after a few days with both of mine. Twingy stomach discomfort and sore boobs were the main symptoms.” – Peta

“About three weeks both times my first a girl I’d never had anything like it. Boobs were so sensitive the shower was like stones hitting me.” – Suzie

“I could smell blood in cooked meat at four weeks.” – Anita

“I couldn’t stand the smell of my husband! I thought it may have been his deodorant so he changed brands. Didn’t work. Every time he came near me I threw up.” – Tammi

“I knew at knew weeks but looking back I had pregnancy signs (vomiting and gagging) two days after conception.” – Maricar

“Metallic taste in my mouth.” – Jemma

“I could smell tomato from about a mile away, and it made me dry-heave.” – Elizabeth

“All I could smell was was dirt! It was so strange.” – Vicky

“I knew I was pregnant with my twins a couple of days after conception. Just like my first baby, I got severe implantation pain and heavy spotting so the second time around I realised what it was. Plus extremely sore boobs and instant nausea were telltale signs.” – Belinda

“I knew at five weeks first pregnancy, three weeks second pregnancy and eight weeks third pregnancy. I have bad gas with all of them.” – Katlin Acford

“It’s really gross but I had excessive crotch sweat. With my second, I was wearing light blue denim shorts and looked like I had wet myself. I said to my husband, ‘pretty sure I am pregnant’.” – Enn

“Second baby my husband said I was more gassy than normal.” – Kate

“I was tired beyond all comprehension and I wanted to kill everyone.” – Mafalda

Father’s/other’s intuition

“I didn’t even know I was pregnant! My partner knew before I did. I had all the symptoms of my period being around the corner (I’ve never been regular, but I get the worst cramps, swollen and tender breasts, tired) plus I has spotting. In hindsight, it was pretty obvious but I just put it down to my period coming. I was about five weeks pregnant when my partner told me to do a test.” – Cherice

“My niece asked me randomly if there was a baby in my belly. Within the next few days I just randomly took a test and it was positive.” – Alison

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