50 hilarious things mums have blamed on baby brain

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50 hilarious things mums have blamed on baby brain | Mum's Grapevine

Growing a little being is a superhuman effort, it tends to sap our memory and dull our senses, despite the fact we’re walking around with two brains.

Baby brain is totally a thing (whether the boffins want to admit it or not), and it’s proven by all the nutty things we do while pregnant. We asked our huge community of mums to tell us the most stupid things they’ve done because of baby brain, and the answers are so hilarious, those pelvic floor muscles may not cope.

From not being able to spell their own name, to absent-minded husband injuring, here are 50 hilarious things mums have blamed on baby brain.

50 hilarious things mums have blamed on baby brain

  1. “Point the air-con remote at the tv and wonder why the volume wasn’t going down.” – Casey
  2. “Looked for my baby as I’m breastfeeding him.” – Serena
  3. “Accidentally stole from Woolworths because I put things under my arm to hold them and forgot they were there!” – Zoe
  4. “Stand in the supermarket rocking the trolley back and forth while looking at the shelves. I was on my own.” – Kim
  5. “Put my thongs through the washing machine.” – Casey Taylor
  6. “Got in the back seat of the car instead of the driver’s seat and didn’t realise until I went to put the key in.” – Renee
  7. “Left the butter out of the fridge every day for a week after making breakfast. Middle of summer. Bought new butter each afternoon and told myself not to do it again but did 6 more times.” – Meaghan
  8. “Put formula in my coffee cup.” – Maree
  9. “Put the roll of paper towel and the spray n wipe ‘away’ in the fridge.” – Kerry
  10. “Hung out laundry on the washing line that hadn’t been washed yet.” – Kerry
  11. “Cried at Donut King because I dropped my fresh hot dog.” – Prue
  12. “Went to work with my PJs on.” – Sally
  13. “I put cherry tomatoes on my cereal and tried to eat it all with a fork.” – Alicia
  14. “Left the handbrake off in my car and it rolled out of the car park across the road and into a brick wall. Ooopsy!.” – Joannie
  15. “Couldn’t remember my address.” – Amanda
  16. “I tried to call my Mum on the baby monitor.” – Alice
  17. “I put cat food in the washing machine soap drawer!” – Nikki
  18. “Tried to unlock my house with the ‘unlock’ button on my car keys and thought I must need to change batteries when it wouldn’t work.” – Kate
  19. “Searched for days for the TV remote … finally found it the fridge.” – Karen
  20. “Forgot my keycard pin number that had for over 5 years. Bank reset it 18 times because I kept locking myself out.” – Cheryl
  21. “Put my clothes in the garbage bin instead of the laundry basket. When I’d realised, it was already thrown out.” –
  22. “Sent out baby shower invitations with the return address on them but not addressed to anyone.” – Krystal
  23. “Pulled up at a red light. Put the car in park, hand brake on and went to open my door to get out.” – Brooke
  24. “I lost my phone … it was in the fridge.” – Madison
  25. “Asked my hubby to get up on the ladder to fix one of our wall stickers … I got hot … so I turned on the fan.” – Rae
  26. “Thought I changed babies nappy to go to the shops, only to go to get her out and there’s wee everywhere. I didn’t put a nappy back on.” – Eden
  27. ” I walked out of the restaurant and left the baby in the capsule under the table.” – Louisa
  28. “Put a bag of frozen broccoli in the pots and pans drawer. Found it days later and it stank.” – Danielle
  29. “Stick my finger in a blender to scoop out the purée, and not realising it was still on. A day in surgery and the only cosmetic surgery I’ve ever had!” – Danielle
  30. “Threw my phone in the trash at Burger King.” – Tanya
  31. “Tried to PayWave a $50 note!” – Hilary
  32. “Turn up for the same appointment three times … none of the times/days I showed up were correct.” – Claire
  33. “When driving to work I suddenly forgot how to get there I had to pull over. Then seen a work colleague drive past so I followed them to work.” – Casey
  34. “Doing some late night baking and forgetting to put the banana in the banana bread.” – Sophie
  35. “Forgot how to spell my name and my date of birth.” – Sarah
  36. “I was madly searching for my mobile phone like crazy in my bag, car, house —-while I was on the phone with my friend.” – Alex
  37. “Walked to the petrol station to put petrol in my car.” – Samantha
  38. “Left my car running all day at the train station while I was at work.” – Coleen
  39. “Turned the oven on an put my fish in the fridge instead of the oven, wondered why I couldn’t smell it cooking then looked everywhere for it. I was so hungry too.” – Roo Roo
  40. “Soy sauce in my Greek salad instead of balsamic. The best bit? None of my guests said anything!” – Nikita
  41. “Left my house in my slippers. Thank goodness I was going to the spa.” – Charity
  42. “One time on the way to town to drop my son off at kindy I had to double check I had pants on.” – Melanie
  43. “Celebrate my daughter’s birthday 2 days early and not realise until her real birthday.” – Simone
  44. “Tried putting the washing basket in the fridge. I was so confused why it wouldn’t go in.” – Jodi
  45. “When I was pregnant I cracked my egg for scrambled eggs into my morning coffee. I cried.” – Lauren
  46. “Throw keys in the rubbish bin and nearly blame a delivery man for stealing them.” – Lauren
  47. “Spent 10 minutes searching for my glasses that were in my face the entire time!” – Kylie
  48. “I told my husband I forgot the baby at home. I was pregnant.” – Kylie
  49. “Drive on wrong side of the road for about 10 metres till I saw cars coming towards me.” – Kelly
  50. “Made plans with a friend, but never turned up.” – Kelly Ellul

There’s a moral to this story for every preggo woman. If you’ve lost anything, it’s probably in the fridge.

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