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DIY sensory box

Sensory play is essential for early learning. Whip up this easy DIY sensory box made from bits and bobs around the house and watch it become a play-magnet for toddlers.

Mum’s Grapevine Spring 2018 Baby Group member Melissa has started creating a sensory box for her daughter, and it’s already a big hit!

“I have started a sensory box for Grace. I am going to do something different on each side and then have some things inside. She loves the first side so far.”

Baby sensory box

Melissa has simply taken lids from used baby wipes cases and popped a different textured material under each, to create peek-a-boo windows for Grace to explore. Under each flap is paper and materials that feel and sounds different.

Why is sensory play important?

How to make a sensory toy for baby

Research has discovered that sensory play actually builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways. This leads to kiddos being able to complete more complex learning tasks. It also helps develop language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive growth, social interaction and problem-solving skills.

It also helps little explorers develop their memory and can also calm and soothe frustrated toddlers. While making a DIY sensory box, think of things that help kids understand different sensory attributes like sticky, dry, rough.

And it’s not just the sense of touch – use things that smell different, or make different noises to really get their senses firing!

DIY sensory box for baby

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