13 awesome monthly baby photo ideas

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13 monthly baby photo ideas: Baby milestone images

Watching baby gradually grow is just one of the amazing parts of being a new mum. We go gaga over their day-to-day changes but sometimes forget just how far they’ve come.

A monthly milestone photo project is a perfect way to document bub’s growth and marvel at the tiny little miracle you created.

Get ready for all the feels as we look at some of our favourite monthly baby photo ideas.

One slice or two?

13 monthly baby photo ideas: Baby milestone photos with pizza

They say there’s happiness in every slice and there definitely is with this pint-sized pepperoni. (via Dani Leigh Photography)

A written rainbow

13 monthly baby photo ideas: using fridge magnets

That first blink, their first smile and was that a yawn? Here’s a great way to capture their ever-changing facial expressions. (via Famille Summer Belle)

Milestone moments

13 monthly baby photo ideas: whiteboard and markers

Life with a tiny human around is constantly changing. Remember their quirks, the milestones and how many teeth (oh, the teeth!) at every age with this easy peasy whiteboard and marker idea. (via Tonya Teran Photography)

Flower power

13 monthly baby photo ideas: Floral monthly baby photo idea

As babe blossoms into a fully-fledged toddler, this vibrant collection of photos captures the transition beautifully. (via #watchavanellegrow series by Lauren Bowyer)

Put your hands up

13 monthly baby photo ideas: raised in hands

Like Simba on Pride Rock, cute and completely cuddle-worthy. (via Little Meg)

Belly to babe

13 monthly baby photo ideas: holding baby in arms

After nine whole months in the belly, it’s incredible to see them on this side of the world. (via Simply Rosie)

Rock it, baby!

13 monthly baby photo ideas: baby milestone photos with a rocking horse

Grab a simple prop like a rocking horse or an armchair. It’s a great reminder of the days when they were still and simply stared at the ceiling. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

What a year

13 monthly baby photo ideas: Calendar idea for month-by-month photos of baby

A monthly photo idea with a difference. Baby is very much in charge of this calendar shoot. (via Ashley Ann Photography)

Daddy’s little girl

13 monthly baby photo ideas: dad holding baby in different t-shirt colour

A rainbow of shirts paired with an identical pose really make these milestone photos pop. (via Marielle Marie)

The baby bucket list

13 monthly baby photo ideas: using a bucket

With buckets of love to give, this really is the perfect prop to see how much they’ve grown. (via Tekoa Rose)

One baby, one onesie

13 monthly baby photo ideas: Same onesie monthly baby photo idea

Keep that teeny, tiny onesie and use it in every picture. It’s crazy to think they were ever that small. (via Pinterest)

Their favourite mat

13 monthly baby photo ideas: with numbered onesie

12 months may seem like a long time, but trust us, it flies by. Use a numbered onesie for each monthly photo to help when looking back. Trying to remember how old they were may sound easy but baby brain is real, people! (via Dina Holland Interiors)

Best buddies

13 monthly baby photo ideas: using favourite toy

Their favourite toy or book makes an excellent companion for milestone photos and the end result is a wonderful keepsake for when they’re all grown up. (via Kristen Honeycutt)

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