8 prams with huge storage baskets

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Joolz Geo2 pram comes with a big storage basket that's great for trips to the shops

Swooning at the sight of a pram with good specs? Finding the right pram turns even the most laid back mums and mums-to-be into fierce pram predators. Every mumma has certain criteria for their pram of choice, and size of storage usually comes high on that list.

Whether it’s a last-minute trip to the shops, a weekend picnic in the park or a day cruising the city; when there’s a baby on board, size really does matter. And we think the bigger, the better.

What to look for in prams with big baskets

Prams with big storage baskets - Joolz Geo2

Foldability: Having a large storage basket is great, just ensure the basket size does not affect the fold and storage of the pram.

Weight: Extra storage is a BIG bonus. Keep in mind the weight of the pram when empty and then add a few (ok, a lot) kilos when giving it a practice run.

Use: What will the pram be used for? Will it be an everyday pram? Or just for trips to the shops? If looking for an everyday pram take the other features and accessories into consideration too.

Access: Having all that extra room is awesome. If you can access it easily, even better!

The top prams with big baskets for storage

We asked our Pregnancy and Baby group members to recommend the prams with the best storage baskets and these are the brands they recommend to their friends.

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin ($1,299.95): Designed to fit two troublesome tots and the crazy amount of cargo they come with, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is built to adapt to your family as it grows. Whether using with twins or an infant and toddler, there’s room aplenty in the easily-accessible basket underneath. Fill with toys, snacks, nappy bag, snacks, blankets, snacks. You get the picture.

Pram folded dimensions: 34cm x 75cm x 83cm
Weight: 16kg
Basket weight limit:
59 litres
Suitable for: from birth up to 41kg

I second Bumbleride Indie Twin! Had one for my two older boys. Amazing pram! Huge basket fits the kids till they were five and is a breeze to push & clean.” – Belle C

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Redsbaby Metro

Redsbaby Metro pram

Redsbaby Metro2 ($849): Looks can be deceiving. For a single pram, the Redsbaby Metro2 holds a whole lot of stuff, and then some. The sturdy structure of the basket allows you to stack and pack without the worry of items spilling over the sides. When folded flat, the basket neatly tucks in underneath the seat ready for its next outing.

Pram folded dimensions: 37cm x 61cm x 79cm
Weight: 9.6kg
Basket weight limit:
Suitable for: from birth up to 20kg

I’m another vote for the Redsbaby Metro. Ticks all your boxes and I can do a really good grocery shop using the basket alone, which holds up to 20kg!!” – Alice H

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Uppababy Vista

Uppababy Vista pram

Uppababy Vista ($1,899.99): Go from one child to three and take just one pram along for the ride. Just like mum, the Uppababy Vista is a pro at multi-tasking. With the addition of a RumbleSeat and Piggyback escorting three kiddies is a cinch. A one-step fold and a deep storage basket big enough for everybody’s bag it ticks all the boxes.

Pram folded dimensions44cm x 65.3cm x 83.8cm
Weight: 12kg
Basket weight limit:
Suitable for: from 6 months to 22.7kg

I got my one brand new and loved the bassinet. So nice and big and the shopping basket was amazing.” – Natasa V

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BabyJogger City Select

BabyJogger City Select

BabyJogger City Select (from $560): A heavyweight contender in our list of prams with big storage baskets, the BabyJogger City Select easily transforms into a double or even a triple stroller without breaking the bank. The roomy basket is a breeze to access so that everything has its place, whether you’re out with one child or three.

Pram folded dimensions: 83cm x 65cm x 31xcm
Weight: 12.5kg
Basket weight limit:
Suitable for: from 6 months up to 20.5kg

I have a BabyJogger City Select. We have had it for 5 1/2 years and love it still. I used it as a trolley as the basket is so big. Can fit all our stuff in it when going on a picnic or day trip at the zoo.” – Annette M

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iCandy Orange

iCandy Orange pram

iCandy Orange ($1,729): There’s no doubt about it, the iCandy Orange is worth its weight in gold. With over 30 seat configurations, this clever pram easily adapts to your (and your family’s) needs. A rotating bumper bar and a big basket (perfect for day trips) are just a few of its stand-out features. Weighing in at only 6kg, it’s the lightest pram on our list.

Folded dimensions: 81.5cm x 51.5cm x 22cm
Weight:  12.4kg
Basket weight limit:
10kg / 64litres
Suitable for: from birth to 25kg

We have an iCandy Orange and it’s great! The basket is huge! So many different seat configurations and can be a double pram. It even has a built-in ride on board if your little one is up to that stage when you have more children.” – Jennifer S

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Bugaboo Fox

Bugaboo Fox pram

Bugaboo Fox ($1,798.99): A lightweight frame plus front and rear suspension ensure the Bugaboo Fox gives baby (and mum!) a smooth, bump-free ride. The sleek design features durable materials with an SPF of 50+, a one-piece fold and a hefty sized basket to boot. Picnics, play dates and pushing little one around the supermarket just got a little chicer.

Folded dimensions: 66cm x 54cm x 19cm
Weight: 9.9kg
Basket weight limit:
 10kg / 38 litres
Suitable for: from birth up to 22kg

“Bugaboo Fox! I love it! The basket is a great size, it weighs 9 kilos, I have no problems getting it in and out the car. And it’s a good looking pram! It maneuvers so easily and has other great features.” – Ali C

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Babybee Rover

Babybee Rover pram

Babybee Rover ($799): The Babybee Rover boasts a super-luxe at a very family-friendly price. Aeroglide™ wheels provide extra cushioning on the tracks while a super soft seat gives little ones the ultimate comfort as they watch the world go by. Throw in a mighty big basket ready for everything a family needs and we’re onto a winner!

Folded dimensions: 87cm x 45cm x 32cm
Weight: 10.9kg
Basket weight limit:
Suitable for: from birth up to 20kg

“I have the Babybee Rover and I adore it! Super light, easy to maneuver, easily fits in the boot, plenty of space underneath and bub loves it ” – Louise M

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Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo2 pram

Joolz Geo2 (from $1,869): Made for adventures, the Joolz Geo2 tackles all terrains with an air of elegance. The sleek Dutch design features an adjustable handlebar, 3 ergonomic seat positions and a super smooth one-piece fold. The storage basket can be completely removed from the pram for those times when everything just. has. to. fit. So clever!

Folded dimensions87cm x 60cm x 57 cm
Weight: 14.3kg
Basket weight limit:
32 litres/10kg
Suitable for: from birth up to 40g (two children)

We have the Joolz Geo and storage basket is huge and fits heaps. Also, love the quality of the pram and ease of use.” – Simone W

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