50 reasons why being pregnant is the best

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50 things to love about being pregnant | Mum's Grapevine

Making a little human is out-of-this-world stuff, and that’s why the nine months of being pregnant is something to be celebrated. It really is the best.

We went straight to the source and asked the thousands of pregnant mummas in our famous Mum’s Grapevine Pregnancy Groups what they’re loving about rocking a baby bump. We were flooded with positivity, from amazing things happening to skin and nails to no longer having to suck your guts in!

From baby backflips to the best boobs ever, here are the 50 reasons why being pregnant is the best.

50 reasons being pregnant is the best

  1. “No period for nine months. Enough said.” – Anita
  2. “Knowing you are growing a miracle inside your body.” – Courtney
  3. “Feeling every move and little hiccups.” – Teisha
  4. “Watching my body change, absolutely incredible stuff, nature at its best.” – Tanya
  5.  “I got boobs!” – Elizabeth
  6. “Guilt-free eating.” – Louise
  7. “Seeing my beautiful belly grow.” – Ashley
  8. “Always looking awesome in long dresses.” – Dee
  9. “People are generally actually really polite to pregnant people.” – Kylie
  10. “Loving a person you’ve never met from that very first flutter.” – Amber
  11. “I have never felt more confident in my body as I did while pregnant.” – Serena
  12. “Thick, shiny hair.” – Linda
  13. “I had great skin.” – Gillian
  14. “Feeling healthy and strong most of the time.” – Jules
  15. “The anticipation.” – Chelsea
  16. “Setting up the nursery.” – Kim
  17. “Having your baby with you all the time. Safe. Growing.” Ashlea
  18. “The ultrasounds. It’s truly surreal the first time you see that tiny pumping heart.” – Karina
  19. “The special way that people treated me, they made me felt so precious.” – Blanca
  20. “Those first flutters that no-one else can feel. It’s like it’s finally real.” – Karen
  21. “Dreaming about the possibilities of a future as a family.” – Kate
  22. “Not having to suck my guts in all the time!” – Chelsea
  23. “No-one raising an eyebrow when I make my third trip to the fridge – after dinner.” – Shae
  24. “Connections built with other mums or soon to be mums.” Maree
  25. “People saving me special treats at every morning tea at work!” – Michelle
  26. “Having strangers smile at you and having something easy and relatable to talk about with anyone.” – Tara
  27. “Being able to eat chocolate and ice cream without feeling fat.” – Rhian
  28. “The second-trimester sex!” – Jessica
  29. “Having that connection with other pregnant women you see out and about. Just a little knowing smile – it’s like being in a special club.” – Phoebe
  30. “That pregnancy glow – it really is a thing!” – Jenn
  31. “Watching my partner become a father even before he’d held our baby.” – Carrie
  32. “People giving me a seat on the bus on the way to the football.” – Claire
  33. “Sharing the news with my parents – truly one of the most emotional things ever.” – Rebecca
  34. “My hair! I usually have to wash my hair every day or it becomes a big ball of oil, but when I’m pregnant I can leave it up to 3 whole days without having to wash it. Bliss.” – Christine
  35. “The amazing dreams. I know lots of people say they have awful dreams, but mine were just beautiful.” – Sally
  36. “Guilt-free early nights!” – Taya
  37. “Waking up each morning and feeling my heart leap as I remember I have a baby growing in me.” – Faith
  38. Watching my bump change – even from morning to night.” – Lilly
  39. “Going on maternity leave! So amazing to have that special time to nest and prepare.” – Bonny
  40. “My nails became so shiny and strong – it was incredible.” – Jane
  41. “It’s totally acceptable to wear comfy leggings for nine months.” – Meagan
  42. “Going on a babymoon!” – Feli
  43. “The afternoon naps.” – Penny
  44. “Being able to skip the queue at any public toilet. Pregnant woman coming through!” – Quinn
  45. Not having to change the kitty litter for nine months!” – Shelly
  46. “Watching my firstborn talk to his little brother in my belly. It was so special.” – Yari
  47. “Being able to use my tummy as a table – ha ha!” – Bree
  48. “Having my husband looking after me so beautifully. It made me feel so special.” – Kel
  49. “Always being warm! I was pregnant right through winter and was toasty all the time!” – Tully
  50. “The whole experience, it’s something I’ve always wanted, and it’s so surreal when it finally happens.” – Liz

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