Baby Dink review: the clever way to wear newborns

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BabyDink Carrier Review | Mum's Grapevine

Keeping baby close during those first few months goes a long way toward a strong bond between you and your little lamb. The list of babywearing benefits is endless and no carrier allows you to carry a baby quite like Baby Dink.

The first of its kind, the revolutionary Baby Dink baby carrier is more like a t-shirt than a traditional baby carrier – no clips, no buckles, no wrapping, no fuss.

A combination of ingenious design and specialised stretch fabric allows parents to keep their baby close while enjoying the functionality of a traditional baby carrier.

Available online from Baby Dink (from $159)

How the Baby Dink Carrier works

Whether it be a spot of shopping, walking the dog or pottering around at home, the Baby Dink provides the ultimate in comfort for both wearer and baby by ensuring a firm and flexible support at all times.

Made in Melbourne, Baby Dink is the passion project of owner Jen and her trusty team of chiropractors, midwives, osteos and lactation consultants.

It’s soft, breathable and above all, a snug and safe place for baby during the first 4 months of life (or up to approx 7kgs). Baby Dink complies with rigorous safety testing of US standard ASTM F2907 and EU TR16512.

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Baby Dink Carrier review

Amelia Little is a mum to a gorgeous little poppet who is four weeks old, after arriving a week early.

Amelia Little, mum to four-week-old Matilda

Amelia Little Baby Dink Review“Really comfortable to wear and fits perfectly.”

I love the Baby Dink! It is far more fashion aware than similar products and is easy to put baby in without assistance from anyone else. Once baby is in, she isn’t going anywhere and is very secure.

I found the Baby Dink really comfortable to wear because the band that secures over your hips is adjustable. It can be made to fit perfectly and adjusted easily. The top section that goes over your torso (like a top) is stretchy, yet the material is firm and sturdy. You feel confident that baby is well supported and as a result, the wearer can move around freely.

It is comfortable and easy to wear for a short time or long periods of time and isn’t time-consuming to put on. You probably wouldn’t want to wear it over a bulky top, jacket or jumper though. I can imagine wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt or thin/ fitted jumper underneath and then a coat over the top should you need it.

It’s very comfortable, just like wearing an extra top and the firm velcro band allows for a comfortable adjustment of the product and a secure fit. All this results in less ‘mum worry’ (a heightened sense of regular worry). Fabrics are sturdy and breathable, they look very well made.

I would definitely recommend the Baby Dink to my friends with babies or to those looking to purchase gifts for friends.

Available online from Baby Dink (from $159).

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