50 ridiculous reasons behind toddler tantrums

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50 ridiculous reasons behind toddler tantrums | Mum's Grapevine

Ah, toddlers, such curious little creatures who’ll chuck a tantrum quicker than you can incorrectly cut their sandwich.

From lamenting that their ice cream is too cold, to agonising at the injustice of having the yellow ball instead of the blue one, toddlers throw tantrums for the silliest reasons.

We asked our community of mums to tell us why their tot threw a tantrum, and we’re still laughing.

50 ridiculous reasons behind a toddler tantrum

  1. “Because we couldn’t go to China after breakfast.” – Amanda
  2. “Because I told her we were at an impasse because she wanted her iPad before getting ready for daycare and I said no. She still had a meltdown at the word impasse.” – Corisse
  3. “Because I was doing a wee on the toilet and he wanted the wee.” – Dana
  4. “Because she got wet, after insisting she get in the shower with me.” – Jade
  5. “That the sun was shining too bright outside.” – Emma
  6. “Because her bagel was no longer a circle after she took a bite.” Holly
  7. “Because she couldn’t drive the car. She’s 3.” – Holly
  8. “I wiped her nose. She wanted the boogies back.” – Maria
  9. “I got him an apple, after he asked for an apple!” – Megan
  10. “Because his ice block was too cold.” – Tanya
  11. “Toast cut into squares, not triangles! 20-minute meltdown.” – Ilona
  12. “Because she couldn’t touch the moon.” – Sarah
  13. “He asked for breakfast, so I gave him his breakfast.” – Victoria
  14. “Because she wanted me to give her a cuddle, when I was already giving her a cuddle.” – Fiona
  15. “Lost her imaginary balloon and I ‘found’ it in the wrong area of the supermarket.” – Sandra
  16. “He didn’t want his nipples on.” – Ashllie
  17. “She wants purple hair and a purple bra. She’s five.” – Charlotte
  18. “Because dolphins don’t eat strawberries.” – Anika
  19. “I wouldn’t let him take his dinner in the shower with him.” -Tiffany
  20. “Because I got up and walked.” – Amanda
  21. “She wanted her bear (which she was holding at the time).” – Alicia
  22. “I wouldn’t let him eat his earwax.” – Jess”
  23. “Because she doesn’t have any allergies!” – Cassidy
  24. “Because she wanted a cuddle but didn’t want to be touched.” – Casey
  25. “I flushed the toilet and she wanted her poo back!” – Wendy
  26. “Couldn’t sleep because she didn’t like the ceiling.” – Renee
  27. “Wouldn’t let him play with the toilet brush.” – Shauna
  28. “Because the bus wasn’t a train.” – Christina
  29. “He didn’t want to go out. We weren’t even going out …” – Susan
  30. “Because I told him spaceships don’t need nappies because they don’t poop.” – Hayley
  31. “Because I wouldn’t let her rewatch video footage I had taken of her throwing a tantrum earlier that day!” – Karen
  32. “Because her book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ has holes in it.” – Debbie
  33. “Because I wouldn’t let her eat the dog food.”- Hailey
  34. “The car stopped at a red light.” – Teresa
  35. “Because his arm was attached.” – Kylie
  36. “Because I would not allow him to pull my hair, bite me, pinch me, gouge my eyeballs or see how stretchy my face is.” – Kelly
  37. “I opened the banana the wrong way.” – Oniko
  38. “Because I said no shoes in the bath.” – Libby
  39. “Because the traffic lights turned red! She only likes green colour.” – Nelly
  40. “She wanted to feed the rabbit. We don’t actually have a rabbit.” – Nikita
  41. “He wanted an emu.” – Kylie
  42. “I killed a cockroach. Apparently, it was her cockroach.” – Alice
  43. “Because she didn’t come on holiday with us … she hadn’t even been conceived yet.” – Trae
  44.  “There were no letters in the letterbox.” – Tanya
  45. “Her ice cream was too cold.” – Kerry
  46. “Because he wants to get married. He’s four.” – Lauren
  47. “Because it was snowing outside and she wanted to jump on the trampoline, naked.” – Belinda
  48. “I put his socks on the wrong feet.” – Sarah
  49. “Because I didn’t put my ‘straight ahead blinker on’ when driving.” – Michaela
  50. “Because I had my hair behind my ears and she didn’t want to see my ears.” – Lily

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