How to use a hair comb for labour pain

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Comb used for labour pain

It’s the viral labour pain relief tip that has pregnant women whipping down to their nearest Kmart for a hair comb. The little-known technique delves into acupuncture points to help combat the pain of childbirth.

US-based birth photography company Fox Valley Birth and Baby shared a photo of a labouring woman gripping not only her birth partner but a simple hair comb.

“Did you know a comb can be used during labour?! And no it’s not for your hair,” the post explains. “When gripped in your hands, a comb can help hit acupuncture points in your hands.

“It also plays into the gate control pain theory. This theory states that the brain can only focus on a select number of sensations. Because the nerve endings are closer on your hands they reach your brain faster. Helping your body forget about the contractions.”

We checked this labour pain relief tip with our expert midwife, Edwina Sharrock from Birth Beat, who said, in theory, it would work, given that gate theory and acupuncture are both true.

The helpful post also included images of how to hold the comb to make sure it hits the right points.

Using a comb for labour pain

“For those who have asked how to hold it Having the comb hit at the base of the fingers (across the palm of your hand).”

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