What Makes July Babies So Special (And Moody?!)

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Portrait of newborn baby sleeping on a blanket and pillow

Got a little lion born in July? These courageous beings are ready to roar, so be prepared for a bright spark with plenty of spunk.

With July covering two very different zodiac signs – one that’s sensitive and one that’s bold and passionate, your little crab or young lion cub is straddling two worlds and two personalities that are miles apart.  Naturally funny with a wicked sense of sarcasm, your July bub will keep you in stitches.

Why July babies are so special

One of the most beautiful July baby traits is their love for family. Highly emotional, their feelings for their family-run deep, they’re most definitely little lovers, not fighters.

But don’t be fooled, apparently, July-born beings can be quite the moody little things. They appear calm on the surface, but bubble with bigger feelings. They also have a great sense of style – so be prepared to stock their teeny wardrobe with gorgeous gear.

They’re also incredibly easygoing and adapt to changing situations, and are easily pleased by being around the people they love. July bubs are all about snuggles with family.

What science says about July babies

How’s this for interesting – your July baby has a high chance of being left-handed. According to one small study, lots of left-handed people are born in July and August. Another study from the University of Oxford also found that babies born between March and July are more likely to be lefties.

Another study found that tots born in July and June are the heaviest and grow up to be the tallest adults.

What astrology says about July babies

July sweeties are either Cancer (June 21-July 22) or Leo (July 23-August 22), polar opposites when it comes to personality traits. Cancer is a water sign, with a sensitive and nurturing nature, while Leo is a fire sign, passionate and bold.

A Cancer baby is a homebody, preferring to be around familiar surroundings. They’re also very sensitive and emotional and want to protect themselves from getting hurt. It may take a while to earn their trust, but once you have it, you have a friend for life. Most Cancerians are also calm and tranquil, and not generally prone to tantrums (yay!)

A Leo baby is all about charisma and charm. Social and confident, Leos tend to be brutally honest and can tend to be restless. They’re also happy and always up for a laugh, but this means they can be a little tricky to get to sleep.

Celebrities born in July

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