20 mummy secrets we’re all guilty of

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We all take a shortcut now and again because, let’s admit it, this being-a-perfect-mum stuff is hard. We asked you for your Mummy Confessions on Facebook and here are all your guilty secrets, and some of ours too.

  1. Hiding in the pantry to eat chocolate biscuits because you don’t want to share.
  2. Finishing off a page in a colouring book after your little one has gone to bed. It’s so satisfying to see a picture coloured in between the lines for once!
  3. Being able to name all the members of One Direction… and having a favourite. (Harry because that hair is a like a magical forest of gloriousness).
  4. Hearing your poppet wake up from their nap but waiting five minutes before going to get them. How often do you get five minutes to enjoy a hot cup of tea on your own?
  5. Ushering your tiny tot to bed so you can play with the Furby uninterrupted.
  6. Stain on your child’s t-shirt? Pop on a jumper and no one will know.
  7. Putting cartoons on during dinnertime when you’ve had a stressful day because you know Dora’s number 1 fan will sit still and eat.
  8. Telling the sugar-craving clan the ice cream truck only plays music when they’ve run out of ice cream.
  9. Playing your child’s iPad games when they’re asleep because you really want to get to the next level. Eeeer, we mean, figure out the game so you can help your child play it.
  10. Tell your little adventurer that the play centre is closing so you can go home without an argument (even though it’s open for another two hours).
  11. Giving your tiny tike leftovers for dinner, then ordering unhealthy takeout for yourself after they’ve gone to bed (it’s been a long day and who has the energy to cook? Not you).
  12. Finding yourself watching Peppa Pig when the kids are having a playdate. At someone else’s house. The stories are quite engrossing, ok?
  13. Telling people your child is a bit sick when they refuse to talk or acknowledge anyone else. Your child is just grumpy but it just seems easier to lie sometimes…
  14. Driving around the block one more time so you can both finish bellowing along to your favourite song.
  15. Volunteering to pack up the puzzles because it’s satisfying to put all the pieces in the right places.
  16. Cookie fell on the floor? Five-second rule.
  17. Telling your brood that The Smurfs DVD is “missing”. Because nothing in the world is going to make you watch that film again.
  18. Assembling the LEGO set properly when your munchkins are in bed. Because you’d love to see what it’s actually meant to look like, just once!
  19. Late to pick your offspring up from a playdate? You blamed the traffic when in actual fact you were just surfing the web and lost track of time.
  20. You weep like a baby at the end of Toy Story 3 and have to pretend you’ve got something on your eye. Every time.

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