Lovesilk Review: Preventing Baby Bald Spots

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LOVESILK Fitted Cot Sheets Review | Mum's Grapevine

As mum’s, we want to look after every hair on our sweet babe’s head. Spending much of their time lying on their backs, baby bald spots develop when baby’s soft, fine hair breaks due to friction. Fear not, with LOVESILK fitted sheets you can protect your little one’s precious locks.

LOVESILK fitted cot and bassinet sheets are made from 100% mulberry silk and organic bamboo – the perfect combination to care for your babes as they sleep. All-natural, they allow hair to glide over the surface, eliminating friction that causes frizz, knots and baby bald spots while giving that super fine hair time to grow back (only this time with a little more shine!).

LOVESILK silk and bamboo fitted cot sheets

Natural and organic, LOVESILK cot sheets are hypoallergenic, making them just right for sleepy bears with sensitive skin or allergies. And they’re a cinch to clean too. Simply pop into a washbag (for extra protection) and use a delicate cycle to wash and tumble dry. Easy!

With three dreamy colours to choose from, in bassinet and cot sizes, everyone’s locks are taken care of.

Available online from LOVESILK (cot sheets $98, bassinet sheets $69).

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LOVESILK Fitted Cot Sheet Review:

We had three mums who have babies with bald spots put LOVESILK Fitted Cot Sheets to the test.

Hannah Bishop LOVESILK product tester

Hannah Bishop, mum of five-month-old

“It’s amazing how the right cot sheet can make all the difference!”

Great quality, looks nice, feels great! My son has a bald spot on the back of his head and would previously wake up with knotted, matted hair. Now since sleeping on the silk and bamboo fitted sheet he wakes up with no knots or frizz! It’s amazing how having the right cot sheet can make all the difference. I would highly recommend getting a LOVESILK cot sheet if your little one gets frizzy, knotty hair after a nap! This before and after is just after one week of using LOVESILK cot sheets. Obviously, his hair isn’t going to grow back in a week but we are hoping that in time his hair will grow back and will no longer have his bald spot! I can already see improvement in this regard.

Before and After LOVESILK Cot Sheets:

Before and After using LOVESILK cot sheets

Melanie Saunders LOVESILK product testerMelanie Saunders, mum of a five-month-old

“I saw results in a week of using the sheets.”

They exceeded my expectations and were much nicer and softer than I expected. I loved the colour that I received for a little girl. The instructions were easy to follow and I liked that they are still able to be put in the dryer. They felt so nice and soft and really a great quality product to use. I saw results in a week of using the sheets for my little one. Not only was she not getting fuzzy and knotted hair after sleeps but her bald spot has noticeably filled in. Very happy and impressed with the sheets so far and would recommend to others.

Before and After LOVESILKS Cot Sheets:

Before and after LOVESILK baby cot sheet



Emma Brayshaw LOVESILK product testerEmma Brayshaw, mum of a five-month-old

“Exceeded expectations.”

I was very impressed with the quality of the material and the fit on the mattress. The silk is beautifully smooth and it washes very well.
After two weeks of use, my baby’s bald spot was significantly smaller and hair less frizzy.


Before and After LOVESILKS Cot Sheets:

Before and after baby using LOVESILK cot sheets

Available online from LOVESILK (cot sheets $98, bassinet sheets $69).

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