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Making the move to underwear is a big moment for both you and your wee one. No more nappies – hurrah. While there’s no rush to get to the big kid bowl, being prepared can help make the transition to the toilet easier for everyone.

Every toddler is different. When your tot is showing signs that they are ready, here are 18 toilet training essentials to help them ditch the nappy for good.

1. Potty on, dude!

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

BabyBjorn Potty Chair ($54.95): More than just somewhere for tots to tinkle, this ergonomic potty has plenty of room for little legs to make standing up and sitting down easy. Sturdy and super comfortable, the high backrest provides support while tykes sit and a handy splash guard prevents any sudden sprays or spills.

2. Sheet happens

Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets ($49.95): While your little one will likely stay in nappies at night for a while, it won’t be long until they’re nappy free 24/7. For when after-dark accidents happen, Brolly Sheets are waterproof bed protectors that keep mattresses free from stains and spills. The 100% cotton top is soft, comfortable, breathable and quiet, allowing tired tykes to sleep soundly.

3. Take a seat

Childcare 2-in-1 toilet training seat

2-in-1 Toilet Trainer ($44.99): Some kiddies skip the potty and tackle the toilet straight up. It’s much easier if you have a small seat that fits your tot’s bot, but a separate seat means more hassle, clutter and mess for you. Fitted with both an adult and a child seat, this clever contraption replaces your regular seat so one seat is all you need for the whole family!

4. Smarty pants

Brolly Sheets training pants

Training Pants ($18.95): Great for that awkward in-between phase when your little one almost has the hang of holding on but is not quite ready to be nappy-free. The colourful training pants pull up and down like regular undies but are lined to minimise the mess of little accidents. Available in three sizes.

5. Stand to attention

Wee Man boys toilet trainer

Wee Man Boys Toilet Trainer ($31.95): Your wee fella will find tinkle time while standing a lot easier with a toilet that’s just the right height. The clever Wee Man clips onto the side of the toilet ready for your little guy to use. When he’s done, just unclip and tip into the big bowl just like a regular potty.

6. Driver’s seat

carseat protector
Bambella Designs Car Seat Protectors ($22.17): Don’t let style take a backseat to function when you can have them both. These clever car seat protectors catch the mess when your tot doesn’t make the next pit stop while adding a splash of colour and flair to your kiddo’s car seat.

7. Good books

Ready to Go! Toilet Time Kit (from $15.23): It never hurts to seek expert help. The Toilet Time kit is an easy six-step guide to toilet training written by child psychologist Dr. Janet Hall PhD. The kit includes a short, fun illustrated storybook and a rewards chart and stickers your little squirt will love.

8. Just rewards

reward chart
Stuck On You Reward Chart ($14.95): What kid doesn’t respond to a bit of bribery, uh, we mean positive reinforcement? Pop a personalised reward chart on the fridge as a fun reminder of how your tyke’s toilet habits are tracking. Buy them a special prize when they’re done for some extra incentive. And because they’re generic reward charts, you can use them for all sorts of things.

9. Beat the clock

Potty Watch toilet training timer

Potty Watch Toilet Training Timer ($22.95): Half the battle of toilet training is getting your kiddo to go before it’s too late. They’ll never forget with a Potty Watch. Perfect for your Little Miss or Mr Independent, the colourful alarm is worn like a watch and uses music and blinking lights to remind them that it’s time to go. Available in three colours.

10. Snap to it

Snap Undiez

Snap Undiez ($15): The dreaded poo in the pants does actually get worse after the job is done when you have to figure out a way to get them off your kiddo. Clearly invented by mums who have ‘been there, done that’, Snap Undiez are the fuss-free answer. They fit like undies but unfasten at the side just like nappies. Oh snap!

11. In the bag

Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet Dry Bag

Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag ($24.95): No matter how well trained your munchkin is, accidents will still happen. So don’t forget to pack a change of clothes and have somewhere to put the dirty ones. This wet/dry bag is a handy waterproof bag perfect for keeping damp items away from the rest of your things and is stylish enough to be carried as a bag on its own.

12. Get out

My Carry Potty ($56.99): Don’t panic trying to find a kid-friendly public toilet while you’re out – take one with you. The adorable Carry Potty is a self-contained and completely leak and odour-proof portable potty with a carry handle so your kiddo can kart it anywhere. Because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go!

13. Wash and wear

Kids Crocs Rainbow Band Clog

Kids’ Rainbow Band Clog ($59.99): When a piddle puddle happens you’ll have more to clean up than just wet undies. Make life a little easier by putting your poppet in a pair of waterproof shoes, like these cute and colourful clogs. Take that gravity!

14. On target

Wee Target toilet training solution for boys

Wee Target ($8.95): Help your little man learn to be a straight shooter with this simple and clever toilet targets. The nifty plastic target sticks in your toilet rim and changes colour to reveal a special picture when he hits a bullseye!

15. Right stool for the job

Bumbo Step Stool grey

Bumbo Step Stool ($25): Give your bambino a boost with a handy step stool. Sturdy but lightweight with a non-slip surface, it’s a handy addition to your bathroom to help your little one onto the big toilet or stand at the sink for independent hand washing.

16. App-y days

Potty Time with Elmo App
Potty Time with Elmo App ($4.49): For your tech-savvy toddler, turn screen time into toilet time. The app teaches toilet training basics through storytelling, songs and games.

17. Clean eating

brollysheets highchair protector

Brolly Sheets Seat Protector ($21.95): Food time can be a messy job, especially since what goes in must come out! And if it comes out a little unexpectedly, keep your high chair clean with a simple seat protector. Originally designed for car seats, it’s slimline shape makes it perfect to pop on your tot’s high chair to catch little ‘spills’.

18. Keep it clean

squeakie hand sanitiser

Squeakie Natural Hand Sanitiser ($11.95): Toilet time can be a messy business, especially on the run. Keep a hand sanitiser within reach for both you and your little one. Made from naturally derived pure milk whey alcohol, this little gem removes 99.9% of the germs without all the nasties.

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