50 THINGS mums say every day

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50 things mums say every day | Mum's Grapevine

Apparently, preschoolers need to hear 21,000 words a day – and we’re pretty sure as mums we’re the ones speaking a fair chunk of them, give or take a Peppa Pig episode or two.

Mums of four-year-old girls are asked almost 400 questions a day, that’s about one question every two minutes. So it’s little wonder that mums the world over are repeating these same 50 phrases day in out – even though you probably swore you’d never say half of them!

Here are 50 things mums say every day.

  1. No.
  2. Let’s play who can be quiet for the longest.
  3. Go poo.
  4. Did you wipe?
  5. But you just ate!
  6. Get down from there.
  7. Where’s your other shoe?
  8. I can’t look right now.
  9. I’ll think about it.
  10. What’s in your mouth?
  11. I thought you said the green cup?
  12. Because I said so.
  13. What’s on your hands?
  14. What did you say?!
  15. No more snacks!
  16. No, you can’t wear dress-ups to the shop.
  17. Why did you do that?!
  18. Just let me drink my cuppa in peace.
  19. Wait ’till I tell dad.
  20. What was that noise?!
  21. Let me kiss it better.
  22. Two more bites.
  23. Ok, one more bite.
  24. Urgh, why didn’t you flush?!
  25. HANG ON!
  26. I’m done.
  27. Where are your pants?
  28. Why did you do that?!
  29. Absolutely not!
  30. What’s on your face?
  31. I want my phone back.
  32. Nappies stay on!
  33. What’s that smell?
  34. I’m in the toilet!
  35. Of course, we can snuggle.
  36. Put the cat down.
  37. Where did that come from?
  38. Brush your teeth.
  39. Have a piece of fruit instead.
  40. Leave your sister/brother alone.
  41. Wee goes IN the toilet.
  42. I’ll put a bandaid on it.
  43. Go to sleep!
  44. Are you listening?
  45. Bathwater stays IN the bath
  46. What part of no don’t you understand?
  47. Yes, I can cut it in triangles.
  48. No, I can’t cut it into squares now.
  49. Go back to bed.
  50. I love you.

Naw, we really do love you kiddos!

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