21 perfectly balanced names for Libra babies

Libra Baby Names

Libra babies – Sep 23 – October 22

Creative creatures with a heart of gold, little Libras are the life of the party. But just don’t ask them to make a choice, because these bubs want to weigh up all the options.

What to expect with a Libra baby

A Libra baby is all sorts of amazing – a personality that shines, a sense of humour to keep everyone giggling and incredibly generous. You’ll soon find that being born under the sign of the scales means Libra babes may find it hard to make a decision, but it certainly makes them fun to be around!

They adore being the centre of attention and love it when everyone is just as happy as they are. Need to soothe a crying Libra bub? Try turning on some music, it’s something they’re drawn towards.

Libra babies are social butterflies who love being around their people, and this will only continue as they get older and want to join the sporting groups their friends are in. They are great conversationalists, so you’ll find your baby Libra will be quite chatty early. They also love to be the peacekeepers so will often be the one resolving conflict with their friends. Remember – they like everything to be balanced and serene! They’re also incredibly generous – just watch them share their food and toys with anyone around.

Libra traits

  • Indecisive
  • Considerate
  • Generous
  • Peace-maker
  • Social-butterfly
  • Music lovers
  • Chatty

Famous Libras

Your little Libra shares their star sign with some of the world’s most generous, funny and gifted famous folk.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Hilary Duff
  • John Mayer
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Serena Williams
  • John Lennon
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Julie Andrews
  • Bob Geldof

21 names perfect for Libra babies

Sparkling souls with hearts as big as Australia itself, here are 21 names that will suit your peacekeeping Libra baby.

Adalet: A Turkish name that means ‘justice’ – just the moniker for a tot who is destined to keep the playground a happy place.

Akilah: Meaning intelligent and logical, two strong Libra traits.

Alden: A name that means ‘old friend and wise protector’ – a tiny gentleman who keeps his friends under his wing.

Atalanta: A Greek name meaning ‘balance’, just like the Libra scales.

Cosima:: Of Greek origin, meaning ‘harmony’ and ‘perfect order’ – because a Libra baby likes everything just so.

Danny: A Hebrew name meaning ‘law giver’ – keeping those scales of justice in balance.

Darby: A Gaelic name meaning ‘free man’, for a free-spirited Libra.

Freya: The Norse goddess of love and beauty, a little Libra is all about peace, light and love.

Irene:  A serene name for the family peacekeeper.

Justice: A literal interpretation of the balanced scales.

Justin: Meaning ‘fair, upright, and righteous’ this Latin name is a strong moniker for a baby born under the sign of the scales.

Manfred: Meaning ‘man of peace’, this is perfectly suited to a harmony-loving Libra.

Olive: A Latin name that symbolises peace, from the saying ‘to offer and olive branch’.

Oliver: The female version of Olive, for little justice-keepers.

Opal: The beautiful Libra birthstone, for your little gem.

Rebecca: A Hebrew name meaning ‘peacemaker’, that has stood the test of time.

Sage: Meaning ‘wise one’, this simply beautifully name works perfectly for boy or girl Libra babes.

Sapphire: The Libra planet stone, Sapphire is a sparkling name for your social butterfly baby.

Solomon: Meaning ‘wise and peaceful’ in Hebrew, this strong baby name is a mighty moniker.

Venus: Libra’s ruling planet and also the Latin goddess of love and beauty – a shining star, just like Libra babies.

Wilfred: Meaning ‘peacemaker’ for young Libras who are intent on keeping things on an even keel.

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