50 WAYS to announce your pregnancy

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50 pregnancy announcement ideas | Mum's Grapevine

There’s a baby on board and it’s time to share the wonderful news with a creative pregnancy announcement.

From the super elaborate and the side-splittingly funny to the oh-so-simple and sweet, we’ve found the most unique pregnancy announcement ideas to help you reveal that tiny little secret, including ideas for siblings or pets to be involved with.

So what are you waiting for? Here are 50 ways to announce your pregnancy.

1. Crafty pins

Paperclip pregnancy announcement

Three safety pins and a bit of elbow grease and you’ve got yourself a truly adorable pregnancy announcement. (via anne.ile.bebek)

2. Say it with a mug

Mum and dad pregnancy announcement mugs

Use a Personalised Pregnancy Announcement Mug ($23.85) to reveal your pregnancy and keep it forever.

4. Fur baby announcement

Pet pregnancy announcement ideas

Grab an adorable ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister’ Dog Shirt ($33.23) and let the cuteness unfold. (via Ollie + Penny)

5. A new pumpkin in the patch

Pumpkin pregnancy announcement

Due in October? Give your pregnancy announcement a bit of a Halloween theme with some crafty pumpkin carving. (source unknown)

6. Pitter patter

Holding baby shoes pregnancy announcement

Those teeny tiny shoes are all that’s needed to reveal your big secret.

7. Chalk it up

Chalkboard pregnancy announcement

Think up a cute saying (or steal this one) and chalk up an adorable pregnancy reveal. (source unknown)

8. Cute keepsake

Keepsake pregnancy announcement

Think your family’s already a little crazy? Then a Acorn Keepsake Pregnancy Announcement ($14.90) is just the ticket if you’re adding to the chaos.

9. Say it with cookies

Cookies pregnancy announcement

Pretty much the sweetest (and most delicious) way to reveal there’s a baby on board. (via Felicity Cook)

10. Plate it up

Pregnancy announcement plate

Serve up a slice of cake on this Pregnancy Announcement Plate ($19.94) and watch the looks of surprise as it gets eaten!

11. It’s a sign!

Bump ahead sign pregnancy announcement

There sure is! (via Rose Rock Photography)

12. Spell it out

Letterboard pregnancy announcement

No house is complete without a letterboard, so put yours to good use for a pregnancy announcement. (via Bubbly Design Co)

13. Ultrasound reveal

Ultrasound pregnancy reveal

There are so many ways to use your first ultrasound for a pregnancy reveal, so get creative! (via LivvyLand)

14. Ready to pop!

Ready to pop pregnancy announcement

A cheap and cheerful way to spread the joy. (source unknown)

15. Read all about it

Book pregnancy announcement

Grab your favourite mum-related book for an easy but beautiful reveal. (Source unknown)

16. Bun in the oven

Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement

A play on words that won’t take cluey folk too long to piece together! (via Mrs Mendoza)

17. Sweet sibling reveal

Sibling pregnancy reveal

Get the soon-to-be big brothers or sisters in on the act for some adorable action shots. (source unknown)

18. Coming attraction

The Vomit movie poster announcement

If you’re a little bit clever with photo editing software creating a movie poster pregnancy reveal is what all the cool kids are doing. (via daddyNOOB)

19. Wear your heart on your sleeve

Pregnancy reveal t-shirt

Naw, as if a little baby bump isn’t cute enough, pop a Holy Guacamole Pregnancy T-Shirt ($39.29) on and watch the cute-factory go through the roof!

20. LEGO reveal

LEGO pregnancy announcement

This clever dad-to-be created his own LEGO Family pack using Photoshop for a magnificent minifig reveal. (via Reddit)

21. A piece of the puzzle

Pregnancy announcement puzzle

A touching way to tell a grandparent that you’re expecting a little bunny, this Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle ($30.70) will become a treasured keepsake.

22. Read all about it

Pregnancy announcement magazine cover

Because your pregnancy should be front-page news, grab a Pregnancy Announcement Magazine Cover ($38.37) downloadable and get your 15 minutes of fame.

23. Scratch it off

Pregnancy announcement scratch off card

A Pregnancy Announcement Scratchy Card ($7.35) is a brilliant way to help those living far away feel the excitement of your big news.

24. Stitch it up

Ultrasound pregnancy reveal cross stitch

This crafty mumma created sublime embroidery with her ultrasound image. (via Veselka Bulkan)

25. Riddle me this …

Pregnancy announcement riddle

Post this to your social media and see who can solve the riddle first.

26. Game night

Scrabble pregnancy announcement

Spell it out the old-fashioned way with a Scrabble board. (via K and T)

27. The writing’s in the sand

Sand pregnancy reveal

Summer baby on the cards? Get down to your nearest patch of sand and make this gnarly announcement. (source unknown)

28. My shadow and me

Shadow pregnancy announcement

Without a shadow of a doubt, this has to be one of the most subtle pregnancy announcements ever. (via Like Mother Like Daughter)

29. A little something extra

Just one more thing to add to the washing line … (via Abby Goertz)

30. Snap happy fun

Fun photoshoot pregnancy announcement

Don your matching Madre and Padres T-Shirts ($23.01) and pass round the sombreros, it’s fiesta time!

31. Family recipe

Family recipe pregnancy announcement

Perfect for a chef or a dedicated home cook. (source unknown)

32. A sweet surprise

Pregnancy announcement cake

What’s better than cake? Pregnancy reveal cake with a Pregnancy Announcement Cake Topper ($18.42), that’s what!

33. Onesie

Onesie pregnancy announcement

A Netflix Pregnancy Announcement Onesie ($20.54) is a thoroughly modern way to reveal there’s a baby on board.

34. Gift a promotion

Promoted to grandma pregnancy announcement

Got a fur-baby who loves their grandma? Get them to gift her a Promoted to Grandma Necklace ($49.12).

35. A sweet sign

Wooden sign pregnancy announcement

Simple and sweet, a Wooden Pregnancy Announcement ($19.99) can be used again once bub is born.

36. Cryptic card

Funny card pregnancy announcement

Send this Pregnancy Card ($6) to your friends and family and see how long it takes them to figure it out.

37. Creative cupcakes

Cupcakes pregnancy announcement

Now this is the ultimate way to announce your pregnancy at work. (source unknown)

38. Wedding rings

Dummy and wedding rings pregnancy announcement

One plus one equals a little one on the way. (source unknown)

39. Egg-specting!

Egg pregnancy announcement

Perfect for little hatchlings due around Easter time. (via andrea.lichlyter)

40. Hats off!

Baby on board hat pregnancy announcement

This mumma got her sew on and crafted this stitched hat herself. (via Bianca Tyler)

41. Baby baking

Wooden spoon pregnancy announcement

Keen cooks or chefs – this Pregnancy Announcement Wooden Spoon ($23.02) needs to be in the mix when announcing your little bun in the oven.

42. Comic book

Comic book pregnancy announcement

One for the comic fans – get your very own Marvel Comic Book Pregnancy Announcement ($8.44) downloadable.

43. Drink to that

Wine label pregnancy announcement

Just because you can’t drink to celebrate, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t! Make your own wine bottle pregnancy announcements with a Pregnancy Announcement Wine Label ($12.28).

44. Pregnancy test reveal

Pregnancy test announcement

Because sometimes, it’s all a little overwhelming! (via Jenn Luczko Photography)

45. Eating for two

Eating for two pregnancy bowl

You sure are – so make sure you tell the world! (image via MaBelleViolet, similar available from LifeLoveCreations)

46. Outsource to a celeb

Celebrity pregnancy announcement

If you happen to bump into a movie star while out and about, rope them into a pregnancy reveal. (via Reddit)

47. Sock it to ’em

Baby socks pregnancy announcement

These heart-meltingly adorable socks say it all.

48. Knock, knocked up

Nursery door pregnancy announcment

A chalkboard and yellow tape and you’re set. (source unknown)

49. New brew

Starbucks pregnancy announcement

Caffeine addicts, there is no better way to reveal you have a little babyccino on the way. (source unknown)

50. Spell it out

Funny beer baby pregnancy announcement

It doesn’t get much more obvious (or easier) than taking to your new belly with a texta.

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