Birth Story: Principal helps teacher deliver baby at school

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Teacher gives birth at school

A teacher has given her students an eye-opening education after giving birth at school.

Lindsay Agbalokwu wasn’t due to have her second bub until next week, so when the Colorado mum woke last week with cramping, she thought it was just Braxton Hicks. She went about her day as usual, driving to the school in Denver where she works.

The grade six teacher continued teaching, even handing out awards, before returning to her homeroom class and realising her cramps had ramped up. “The pain felt different,” the 33-year-old told Yahoo Lifestyle.

‘We should call 911!’

Lindsay asked another teacher to cover her class and to let principal Natalie Lewis and dean of students Chris Earls know she was headed to the bathroom.

“In the classroom, the pain went from zero to 100,” Lindsay explained. Everyone soon realised the baby was on its way. “I said, ‘We should call 911 — I think the baby is coming.”

Principal helps teacher give birth at school

A teacher grabbed a sleeping bag from their car and lay on the footpath while the principal called an ambulance.

“I lay down and we put the dispatcher on speakerphone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” Lindsay said.

Principal Natalie took over midwife duties, coaching Linsday through her contractions before a fire truck arrived and emergency workers were able to take over, with baby Zara arriving in a hurry.

“I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses – they are both parents,” Lindsay said. “They were my support people.”

We have to say it – that’s an A+ for effort!

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